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                                      Archived News - 1998 to Present

May, 2005

May 31: US: Crime lab report finds 6-year gap in supervision
May 31: US: Missing Vietnam-era pilot's remains verified
May 31: Bosnia: Experts Seek Ways to Find Bosnia Graves
May 31: UK: British officers do forensic tests on Diana's car
May 31: US: DNA solves cold cases
May 31: US: Crime lab watchdog bill sent to Perry
May 31: US: Hub cops playing catch-up with crime scene special unit
May 31: US: Researchers Identify Gene Linked to Heroin Relapse
May 31: Taiwan: DPP seeking to halt controversial fingerprint proposal
May 30: US: A few warm bodies can solve a lot of cold cases
May 30: Ireland: Addict rehabilitation is Government priority
May 30: US: State panel will investigate lab problems
May 30: US: Students flock to forensic classes
May 30: New Zealand: Pathologist faces action over flawed evidence
May 30: Ireland: DPP seeks legislation paving way for DNA database
May 30: US: Military used DNA for identification in 1991
May 29: US: Local meth labs not lone threats
May 29: Australia: Drugged drivers can cheat testing
May 29: Ireland: DPP backs calls for DNA database
May 29: UK: Criminals have Nowhere to Hide from Outside Concepts' Security System
May 30: US: State panel will investigate lab problems
May 27: China: Chinese seek help to control drug use
May 26: US: DNA Test Shows Kids' Blood Not At Scene
May 26: US: FDA Approves IND Abuse-Resistant Oxycodone Product
May 26: UK: ID card trial exposes biometric failings
May 26: Botswana: Police instal new fingerprints machine
May 26: US: Robert Shaler biography
May 26: UK: Prisoner is freed 25 years after wrongful conviction
May 25: US: DNA on money said to link killer and victims
May 25: Honolulu: DNA from cold cases to be tested
May 24: Canada: No lineup for free heroin
May 24: US: Heroin death highlights growing purity of drug
May 24: UK: I Want to Clear My Name after 25 Years in Jail
May 24: US: Forensic Hypnosis
May 24: US: Evidence law not used, experts say
May 24: Thailand: Interpol calls for more support to identify tsunami victims
May 24: Australia: Police stand by fingerprint shake-up
May 23: South Africa: Ensure DNA results get to court on time, govt told
May 23: US: NYC forensic scientist to head CSI: Penn State
May 23: US: Defense lawyers now hinge cases on 'CSI'-savvy juries
May 23: US: Forensics lab to split to boost results
May 23: Canada: A Culture of Death
May 23: Thailand: Tsunami identifications held up
May 22: South Africa: Forensics chaos 'slows the pace of justice'
May 22: US: Jurors expecting more forensic evidence at trials
May 22: UK: Jacket could be key to catching killer
May 21: Thailand: Interpol seethes at waning tsunami forensic support
May 21: US: Advocates want execution halted until DNA review
May 21: Canada: Homolka, others must give DNA sample under new law
May 20: Ireland: More police needed for scenes of crime work
May 20: UK: Mobile team will help crimefighting
May 20: Thailand: Thailand keeps finding tsunami victims' bodies
May 19: US: FOX 's fall lineup to feature seven new shows
May 19: US: Computer Crime Forensics Get A Boost
May 19: US: Murder case hinges on DNA Samples contaminated
May 19: UK: New forensic doubts over murder
May 19: US: Tarantino leaves his fingerprints on 'CSI'
May 18: US: Expert: DNA tests damage defense theory in Trower case
May 17: US: Forensic Artists Serve Key Crime-Fighting Role
May 17: US: John Muhammad, Fred West, Myra Hindley and Ivan Milat
May 17: US: 'CSI' Advisor Takes Road Show Through America
May 17: US: Freed Brevard man ponders next move
May 17: US: Crime lab reforms face uncertainty
May 17: US: Research seeks to speed ID of corpses
May 17: US: Experts say Oswald was sane in 1994
May 17: India: Netaji died in crash, take DNA test to prove it
May 17: US: Rockville DNA lab set to move
May 17: UK: FSS launches mobile crime lab to retrieve phone data
May 16: US: Shelby County Mayor Wants New Forensic Center
May 16: HONOLULU: Q&A with Forensic Entomologist Dr. Lee Goff
May 16: South Africa: Forensic teams urged to speed up rape investigations
May 16: US: New Orleans group investigating Miss. cases
May 16: UK: Bringing the lab to the crime scene
May 16: US: DNA lab coming to Redlands
May 16: US: DNA tests in US state to be reviewed after error
May 16: US: John Spencer, top forensic psychologist
May 16: Malayasia: Judges should not be in a hurry to kill
May 15: New Zealand: DNA testing a world-class success
May 14: US: Private DNA lab aims to provide genetic justice'
May 14: Malayasia: More cops to be sent for forensic courses
May 14: US: Pros look to dog DNA to solve murders
May 14: US: Influx of prisoner DNA overloads state police testing labs
May 14: US: Forensic classes give budding CSIs a reality check
May 14: UK: Mobile DNA lab piloted
May 13: US: DA's silence on DNA sweep upsets Truro officials
May 13: UK: Police unveil mobile CSI wagon
May 13: US: Inmate says DNA should absolve him
May 13: US: 'Angry Jurors' puts prejudices on trial
May 13: US: File System Forensic Analysis
May 13: US: Can DNA Help ID Missing Persons?
May 13: Thailand: Forensic expert urges overhaul of identification procedures
May 13: Nepal: DNA tests possible in country now
May 13: Malayasia: Asia’s most sophisticated forensic lab opens in Cheras
May 12: US: Bill would remove criminal records after N.C. pardon
May 12: US: DNA evidence links former police officer to sexual assaults
May 12: Australia: Crims caught by DNA
May 12: US: HPD facility is accredited in all divisions but DNA
May 12: US: Update planned for crime lab
May 12: US: International Biometric Group to Host Teleconference Today at 1:00 AM ET
May 12: US: Cadavers Bring Medical Studies To Life
May 11: Egypt: Forensic reconstruction of King Tut
May 11: US: RFID Steps Closer To Protecting Borders
May 10: Egypt: Face of Tutankhamun reconstructed
May 10: Canada: Rush on to get DNA bill passed
May 10: US: Real-world 'CSI'
May 10: Russia: Parents of 5 missing children demand quicker forensic examination
May 10: US: Forensic grant goes to WSU
May 10: US: Seeing King Tut for the first time
May 10: US: A reform agenda for state crime lab
May 10: US: Expert says skeleton is that of a woman
May 10: Germany: German jailed for aping cannibal
May 10: US: Protecting First-Responders from Clandestine Meth Labs
May 10: Canada: Missing woman's body discovered
May 10: US: State may review some DNA testing
May 10: Malta: Heroin drug problem in Malta being addressed
May 10: US: How shaky eyewitness testimony can lead to jail
May 9: US: TV special aims to quell doubts over Lindbergh kidnapping case
May 9: US: Body of Evidence: fingerprints
May 9: US: SANE nursing helps community
May 9: US: Virginia Crime Lab to Undergo Review
May 9: South Africa: SA 'short on shrinks'
May 9: US: Rough landing for exonerated inmate
May 9: South Africa: SA runs out of forensic psychiatrists
May 8: US: Wynn Las Vegas canine patrol sniffs for danger at every corner
May 8: Malta: Forensic Science
May 8: US: State debates compensating the wrongly convicted
May 7: US: Funding hampers crime lab
May 7: US: Grant to fund DNA testing on 'cold cases'
May 7: US: Romney seek $1 billion for state projects
May 7: Bosnia: Bosnia lab to examine tsunami DNA
May 7: US: DPS knew for 8 years Moon conviction dubious
May 7: US: DNA link fails in ’78 homicide case
May 7: US: Virginia crime lab faulted for botched DNA testing
May 7: US: Convicted murderer denied DNA test
May 6: US: Police Dogs Show Their Stuff
May 6: UK: Peace campaigner's killer trapped by DNA evidence
May 6: US: Starrs: Forensic Secrets Revealed
May 6: US: Experts: 'CSI' Unrealistically Depicts Job
May 5: US: Feds Take Responsibility For Fugitive Serial Killer
May 5: India: National DNA Training Academy on the cards
May 5: US: Grant helps make dent in backlog of DNA samples
May 4: Malta: 3,000 heroin drug users in Malta
May 4: US: Pot Arrests Rise as Arrests for Heroin, Cocaine Decline
May 3: Germany: Berlin man 'inspired by cannibal'
May 3: Switzerland: Trousers tell why Napoleon died
May 3: US: Forensic expert to study bones thought to be girl's
May 3: US: Malone defence points at lack of forensic evidence
May 3: US: Sequiam Corporation Receives Patent on Its BritePrint(TM)
May 3: US: Man's best friend helps UT police fight crime
May 3: US: Forensic Artists Aim To Create Picture Perfect Images
May 3: US: Marijuana now comprises nearly half of all drug arrests
May 3: US: New book suggests Jack the Ripper may have been a sailor
May 3: Malayasia: Child’s prints less reliable
May 3: US: NAIC Activates Producer Fingerprint Repository
May 3: Malayasia: NRD set to work on identification database
May 3: US: Forensic psychiatrist: Ohio sniper knew right from wrong
May 3: India: Plan to establish mobile forensic units in Rajasthan
May 3: US: Medical examiner options eyed
May 3: US: DNA lets New Orleans police solve rape cases dating back to 1994
May 3: US: Speaker advocates reforms to prevent wrongful convictions
May 3: US: Miami Beach Police to Hand Out DNA LifePrint Kits
May 3: US: Study finds blacks more scrutinized by Miami-Dade police
May 2: US: Forensic Specialist Called To Examine Bones
May 2: Pakisthan: Foreign policemen training Pakistanis in forensic techniques
May 2: US: Collecting and analyzing evidence
May 2: Kosovo: Residents still hoping to find the remains of their relatives
May 2: Australia: Implant can help heroin addicts, scientists say
May 2: US: K9 partners offer skills that officers don't have
May 2: Iraq: New mass grave discovered in Iraq
May 1: UK: Abigail: DNA evidence may take months
May 1: US: DoJ Offers Help in Clearing Unsolved Cases
May 1: US: LAW ENFORCEMENT: Keeping track
May 1: US: Forensic Technology Offers New Hope for Deleted Book Manuscripts

April, 2005

April 27: Canada: Quebec lagging in wrongful-conviction payments
April 26: Canada: Cenaiko optimistic RCMP forensic lab will stay
April 26: US: CSI: Accidental education
April 26: US: K-9 units from around region come to Osky
April 26: US: Garda chief makes plea for DNA database
April 26: US: Syracuse Company to Present New Forensic Video Analysis Technology
April 26: US: A monstrous injustice
April 26: US: Texas' possible wrongful execution
April 26: Canada: Forensic Laboratory Services to Host Media Technical Briefing
April 25: US: New N.C. Crime-Fighting Task Force
April 25: Canada: Election a threat to DNA database
April 25: Korea: A crackdown on porn in world's most wired country
April 25: Canada: Early election could kill DNA sample bill
April 25: US: Case a new test for project
April 25: US: Crime Scene Instigation
April 25: UK: Hundreds more heroin addicts to be given a fix on the NHS
April 25: UK: LGC announces plans to expand forensic services
April 24: UK: 'CSI effect' evident in US courtrooms
April 24: US: DNA project to identify Sept. 11 victims pauses
April 24: US: Rape Victim's Family Discusses DNA Exoneration
April 23: US: State police crime lab faces backlog of DNA analysis
April 23: US: Mass. Crime Lab Suffers Backlog
April 23: US: Slaying highlights DNA backlog in Mass
April 23: US: DNA test backlog worsens in Mass.
April 23: US: Greenwood to abandon DNA lab; cost cited
April 22: US: Does the FBI Have Your Fingerprints?
April 22: US: GCC, Denison H.S. team up to host forensic conference
April 22: US: Forensic experts re-exhume remains for more tests
April 22: Germany: German cannibal to face retrial
April 22: UK: Shakespeare portrait 'is a fake'
April 22: US: Just cause
April 22: Australia: Criminals' fingerprints come to sticky end
April 21: New Zealand: Enforced DNA tests urged in paternity
April 21: US: Church Of England OKs DNA Removal From Body Of Gosnold's Sister
April 21: US: Washington State University Uncover Unsolved DNA Backlog
April 21: US: Suarez defense calls first witness to the stand
April 21: UK: Police protest hits forensic work
April 21: New Zealand: DNA databank opens its doors
April 21: US: Private lab will test DNA from 1986 rape
April 21: Egypt: Ancient necropolis found in Egypt
April 21: India: Raaz’- First ever-factual Indian forensic show on Television
April 21: US: Ex-medical examiner guilty of misconduct
April 21: US: Church of England OKs Jamestown DNA Sample
April 20: US: US hero's sister exhumed for DNA
April 20: US: Attorney General praises meth bill
April 20: US: D-N-A Training In Belmont County
April 20: US: Bill to create crime lab board clears the Senate
April 20: US: Defense continues hammering at DNA in Avila case
April 20: US: DNA bills face uncertain future
April 20: US: Worker Sentenced for Stealing Body Parts
April 19: US: Tex. Pressed on DNA Exonerations
April 19: Indonesia: Adiguna's gun killed Rudy: Ballistic, forensic experts
April 19: Uruguay: Uruguay starts search for the disappeared
April 19: US: May I See Your Voice, Please ?
April 19: Australia: I would have chosen to die
April 19: US: Two years, 8 months for body parts thief
April 19: US: Police get DNA from letter to commissioner Mitrick
April 19: US: Judge denies DNA-based appeal by death row inmate
April 19: US: 3 years for theft of body parts
April 19: Korea: Fingerprints, faces collected
April 19: US: Study targets teen opiate addicts
April 19: Malta: The importance of being forensic
April 19: US: State Budget Cuts Are Putting The Sqeeze On The State's Forensic Lab
April 18: US: DNA links Illinois man to sex assault
April 18: Australia: Too busy for rape victims
April 18: US: Forensic nurse to speak on domestic and family violence
April 18: US: Meth becoming drug of choice
April 18: US: Forensic specialist to speak at SUCO
April 18: US: Officer's art helps capture criminals
April 18: US: Interview with Brian Carrier, author of File System Forensic Analysis
April 18: UK: DNA test to decide whether Columbus was buried in Spain or the Caribbean
April 17: UK: Reburial for Nelson's lost allies
April 17: US: Faster DNA processing could slow killers
April 16: US: Tulin admits to overlooking forensic evidence in Rhoads murder
April 16: US: PC speaker gives lesson in forensic anthropology
April 16: US: Bomber's craftiness left officials key forensic evidence
April 16: US: Crime lab backlog snarled DNA probe
April 16: Iraq: Mass Graves a Grim Token of the Old Iraq
April 16: US: 'Hurricane' Carter addresses Senate
April 15: Australia: Black eye before death, widow says
April 15: US: Skeleton may take weeks to identify
April 15: Australia: Douglas Scott death in custody autopsies clash
April 14: US: N.C. Senate panel examines proposed innocence commission
April 14: US: Forensic television, 'CSI' failures exposed
April 14: US: Officer's sketches draw recognition
April 13: Canada: Alleged Milgaard-Miller link nonsense, inquiry hears
April 13: US: Lawmakers try to expand Nevada's DNA database
April 12: US: Forensic experts profile gemstones
April 12: US: Budget constraints prompt forensics to cut trace analysis
April 12: US: Real-life CSI
April 12: UK: Forensic course very popular
April 12: US: Serwoik says resignation 'compromise of opinions'
April 12: Canada: Canada begins clinical heroin handouts
April 12: UK: Doubts over DNA database
April 12: Canada: No forensic exam of Kazemi's remains: Iran
April 12: US: Forensic economist's work marries law and finance
April 12: Australia: Forensic expert puzzled by neck wound
April 12: US: Coroner says Cox committed suicide
April 12: US: Judge orders R.I. to pay for DNA tests in murder case
April 12: Australia: Court cases on hold due to forensic delays
April 11: Canada: Outside view: Free heroin in Canada
April 11: US: The two-edged sword: Legal computer forensics and open source
April 11: UK: Mother ‘can start to grieve for children’
April 11: US: Lawyers For Slain Girl's Dad Say DNA Evidence Never Tested
April 11: Sweden: New body parts belong to ice man
April 11: UK: Scientist calls for world DNA database
April 11: UK: Police consider mass DNA testing
April 11: South Korea: Forensic investigators say they're understaffed
April 10: US: Woman keeps focused on vision of building K-9 units
April 10: US: U.S. should follow world's lead, abolish the death penalty
April 10: US: For the Expert Witness, a Few Tough Questions
April 9: US: Tarring Michael Jackson with old charges doesn't serve justice
April 9: US: Forensic science interest driven by TV shows popularity
April 9: US: Senate OKs criminal DNA legislation
April 8: UK: Will DNA profiling fuel prejudice?
April 8: US: TV Crime Shows Make Forensic Studies a Hot Career
April 8: UK: 'I was forced to give a DNA test'
April 8: Portugal: Portugal plans a forensic genetic database
April 8: UK: Compact Forensic UV Lens Assists Crime Scene Investigations
April 8: UK: Letters 'name stolen body site'
April 8: US: Students become forensic scientists aboard BU's mobile crime lab
April 8: US: DNA collection bill advances
April 8: US: Vogon announces new capabilities in mobile phone forensics
April 7: US: Forensic excavator helps solve crimes
April 7: US: Alleged Rape Victim Tried To Get DNA Under Her Fingernails
April 7: UK: Loch Ness Monster Finally Identified
April 7: US: 5 Things CSI Doesn't Tell You About Forensics
April 7: US: Forensic expert assisting with murder case
April 6: US: Forensic Pathologist joins murder investigation
April 6: US: TV shows don't reflect reality of using DNA to solve crimes
April 6: US: UCF Professor Accused Of Stealing DNA
April 5: US: DNA was key in Clifton case
April 5: US: Anne Arundel to collect samples for state DNA database
April 5: China: Freed prisoner shows legal system's flaws
April 5: Canada: Ottawa seeks forensic examination of Kazemi
April 5: US: Cogent Systems to Participate in Congressional Forensic Science Technology Fair
April 5: Australia: Caution urged over death in custody autopsy report
April 4: US: Expert: It's doubtful Hanna was impaired
April 4: US: Chemist Dave Sandusky Seeks Quality in Forensic Analysis
April 4: US: Cheap, pure heroin luring more users
April 4: UK: DNA advances to be re-trial 'key'
April 4: Thailand: DNA testing little used in identifying Finnish tsunami victims
April 4: Philipines: DNA database of convicts, offenders pushed
April 4: Australia: Doctors urged to perform rape examinations
April 3: US: Forensic Science: A Weapon in the War on Terrorism
April 3: US: DNA matches mean chilling calls to victims
April 3: US: Schiavo‘s Relatives Feud on After Her Death
April 2: US: Ex-Palm Beach County medical examiner handles Schiavo autopsy
April 2: Canada: Ministers Launch Consultations on DNA Missing Persons Index
April 2: Canada: Government ponders a missing persons index
April 1: Canada: Canadian government gives free heroin
April 1: Canada: Forensic tests complete on Roszko's assault rifle
April 1: UK: UK commission rejects infant DNA profiling
April 1: India: Forensic anthropology to fight crime
April 1: US: 30 old criminal cases get second look by DNA test company

March, 2005

March 31: UK: Science too hard for juries
March 31: US: Report recommends changes in court system
March 31: US: Bones sent for forensic testing
March 31: UK: DNA profiling of babies rejected
March 31: US: SAGEM Morpho offers end-to-end biometric and AFIS solutions
March 31: US: Navy expert aids MUPD with Im case
March 31: US: Report offers ways to amend Va.’s criminal justice system
March 31: Australia: Govt asked to properly fund forensic centre
March 30: US: 2 Women Steal Fetus From Exhibit
March 29: Canada: Man suspected in killing denies guilt in suicide note
March 29: US: Human Remains Identified in Estill County
March 29: US: Lab finds elusive fingerprints
March 29: US: Where’s Waldo’s DNA? New NIST SRM joins search
March 29: US: Dentist, firefighter and forensic scientist gives back to university
March 29: US: An entire exhibition of real human body parts
March 29: UK: Science baffles juries, say MPs
March 28: US: Lab finds elusive fingerprints
March 28: Australia: Does body belong to missing millionaire
March 28: US: Bernalillo County forensic artist puts a face on crime
March 26: US: DNA Exonerates Man Imprisoned In 1992 Slaying
March 25: US: Jackson Jurors Hear About Forensic Testing
March 25: US: Remains may be too small to identify children by DNA
March 25: UK: TV show sparks forensic questions
March 24: UN: Report on Abuse Urges DNA Tests for Peacekeepers
March 24: Thailand: WHO forensic experts helps Thailand's identification of tsunami victims
March 24: US: Crime lab cost debate resurfaces
March 24: US: ATF National Laboratory Center and Fire Research Lab Receives GSA Design Award
March 24: US: Vancouver to distribute free heroin to addicts
March 24: US: County physicians tepid on using new heroin-craving drug
March 24: US: Wise County endorses forensic lab proposal
March 24: US: Trial shows new painkiller less addictive, says drug maker
March 24: US: The facts on heroin
March 24: Australia: Bones coming back for forensic testing
March 23: Canada: Changes to DNA databank law carry multimillion-dollar tab
March 23: US: 'CSI' Influences Real-Life Jurors
March 23: US: DNA tests rule out investigators as source
March 23: Australia: DNA testing in demand
March 23: US: CSI Orangeburg makes the grade
March 23: Australia: Experts split on dead Matthey children
March 23: US: Cogent Systems Awarded New Contract
March 23: US: DNA Identifies Skeletal Remains as Rosa Sandoval’s
March 22: US: US develops new way to detect fingerprints
March 22: US: Virginia looking for some forensic clarity
March 22: US: One-Time BTK Suspect Wants DNA Destroyed
March 22: New Zealand: Dentistry of the dead
March 21: Canada: Milgaard accuser wanted to get stoned, get cops off back
March 21: UK: Mother Unfit to Stand Trial for Daughter's Murder
March 21: Canada: Study to hand out heroin, methadone to addicts
March 21: Australia: Brutality rarely seen in a mum
March 21: Australia: John Tonge Centre, DNA evidence & miscarriages of justice
March 20: US: Forensic lab test confirms alcohol in dead teen driver
March 20: US: Forensic pathologist Dr. Richard Mason’s body of work spans more than 25 years
March 20: Canada: Free heroin project can help addicts come clean
March 20: US: CSI class gives its students a clue
March 20: Australia: Beattie dismisses lawyers' forensic evidence concerns
March 20: UK : Make heroin legal, says Taggart cop
March 19: Canada: North America's First Heroin Prescription Program
March 19: Australia: NSW govt admits DNA backlog problem
March 19: Australia: Forensic science upgrade to 'catch more crooks'
March 18: US: New for this fall: CSI Penn State
March 18: China: Death-penalty debate grips China after wrongful execution
March 18: US: Drug-related deaths on rise, report shows
March 18: Australia: 'Explosion' causes forensic backlog
March 18: Australia: The John Tonge Centre, DNA evidence and miscarriages of justice - Part 3
March 18: Hungary: Fatal Combination of Ecstasy and Heroin
March 18: Canada: Legalizing drugs could solve a lot of our problems
March 18: Australia: Forensic lab turns to Kiwis for DNA tests
March 17: US: Computer Predicts Who Gets the Death Penalty
March 17: US: State Police Promote Kovel To Major
March 17: US: DNA aids case of man's stabbing death in 1996
March 17: Argentina: The women who go where the bones are buried
March 17: US: 'CSI' wannabes can seek to solve mystery behind museum 'corpses'
March 17: US: Ledbetter Evidence Under Examination
March 17: US: Prosecutors worried about transporting bone fragments
March 17: US: Lab processing, storage likely to be challenged in BTK case
March 17: Australia: Lawyer welcomes plan to cut forensic centre backlog
March 16: US: Oregon's 2004 drug-related deaths statistics
March 16: US: House votes to expand DNA database
March 16: US: Death Row Cases in California County Scrutinized Due to Race
March 16: US: No justice for all without funding
March 16: Australia: Forensic centre delays see drug charges dropped
March 16: Australia: The John Tonge Centre, DNA evidence and miscarriages of justice
March 16: UK: Law change move on tsunami Britons
March 16: UK: Skydiver death inquiry opens
March 16: Australia: Exhumation ordered in Douglas Scott case
March 15: Canada: Piecing together a deadly puzzle
March 15: UK: Stalker's attorney to receive results
March 15: Germany: Germans Support DNA Crime Testing
March 14: South Africa: Argentinian team to help search for bodies
March 14: US: Researchers Use X-Rays to 'See' Fingerprints
March 14: US: Internet blamed for the rush to hillbilly heroin
March 13: US: 9th Victim Linked To Area Serial Rapist
March 13: UK: Drugs expert warns: cannabis as dangerous to society as heroin
March 13: UK: Illegal drug trade hits new high as users total 200m
March 13: US: Remains probed in disappearance
March 13: North Korea: DNA Test to Trace Soldiers Killed
March 13: US: BTK arrest invigorates forensics programs
March 12: US: Experts disagree about forensic results in Smitherman trial
March 11: Russia: Forensic experts identify Maskhadov's body on molecular level
March 11: US: Forensic Dentistry Key in Identifying Victims of Tsunamis, Other Disasters
March 11: US: Forensic labs flooded with DNA samples
March 11: UK: Students embrace forensic science
March 11: Malayasia: Nabbing felons in The Science of Cold Case Files
March 10: US: Peckish pilferers caught out by snack attack
March 10: Australia: Call for police to fund forensic centre
March 9: US: Forensic scientist describes DNA evidence
March 9: Egypt: Forensic tests demystify King Tut’s death
March 9: US: URI scientist elected president of regional forensic organization
March 9: US: Increase in Poisoning Deaths Caused by Non-Illicit Drugs—Utah
March 9: Australia: SAMA calls for change to forensic centre management
March 8: Egypt: King Tut 'died from broken leg'
March 8: US: DNA Sets Man Free
March 8: US: Doctor on Trial; Mother Wants Him to - Go Down
March 8: Egypt: King Tut did not die a violent death, forensics show
March 8: Ireland: DNA evidence links murder accused to victim
March 8: US: DNA turns life of 'monster' upside-down
March 7: US: Jackson Parish man cleared by DNA
March 7: US: Dance grows out of conviction to inform
March 7: US: Inmates Can be Forced to Submit DNA Test Samples
March 7: US: Jailed 24 years, freed by DNA
March 7: Philipines: Forensic experts exhume remains of Ecleo’s wife
March 7: Australia: $20,000 to dig up body
March 7: Afghanistan: In Afghanistan, a renewed 'holy war' against opium
March 6: US: Specialists 'paid for solving puzzles' at Iowa crime labs
March 6: US: Technology can make identity theft more difficult
March 6: US: State money to fund new crime lab in county
March 6: US: State DNA database struggles for funding
March 6: India: Country needs at least 50 DNA technology labs
March 6: US: State owes the innocent their freedom
March 5: UK: Sperm 'clock' may help rape cases
March 5: UK: Infant DNA profiling too costly, says watchdog
March 5: US: ABTK Arrest: DNA Connection
March 5: Australia: Fresh swipe at DNA labs
March 4: India: DNA test to probe 'fake encounter' in Kashmir
March 4: Canada: Another 'miscarriage of justice'
March 4: Canada: Wrongfully convicted, now Driskell holds his head high
March 4: Australia: Forensic test review ordered
March 4: Afghanistan: Afghanistan to send DNA samples to Italy
March 3: Canada: Manitoba won't order new trial for Driskell
March 3: Canada: Ottawa Overturns Murder Conviction After 13 Years
March 3: US: Fed research needed to understand toxic meth waste
March 3: Netherlands: Int. Narcotics Control Board praises Dutch marijuana crackdown
March 3: US: What exactly do forensic scientists do?
March 3: South Africa: Lion case: Not all human bones
March 3: US: Mob DNA And The JFK Connection
March 3: US: Donation will pay for DNA expertise
March 2: UK: Forensic science unit opens its doors
March 2: US: Sex Offenders May Be Free Based on Testimony of Non-Licensed Psychologist
March 2: UK: Britain hit by surge in Afghan heroin
March 2: US: American Psychiatric Publishing Txtbk of Forensic Psychiatry
March 2: US: BTK DNA
March 2: New Zealand: Forensic accountant and investigator
March 1: Iraq: Iraqi Scientists Leave UK to Unearth Saddam's Graves
March 1: US: Scientists hope to unearth dark secrets of Donner party
March 1: US: FBI took daughter's DNA
March 1: UK: Leading Forensic Human Identification E-Symposium April 14, 2005
March 1: US: Ann Arbor business to ID tsunami victims
March 1: US: Crime lab delay charges rejected

February, 2005

Feb 28: UK: Bournemouth hosts artificial investigations
Feb 28: US: State House passes bills on DNA testing, divorce
Feb 28: US : Bay Area law enforcement calls on real-life version of CSI
Feb 28: Israel : Ilan Ramon's Diary Including 'Kiddush' Found
Feb 28: US : DNA role in BTK suspect's arrest questioned
Feb 28: US : BTK's Daughter's DNA may have broken case
Feb 28: Canada: Closing forensic lab a real crime
Feb 28: US: Forensic science perfect ? Only on TV
Feb 28: US: Texas may find a model in crime labs elsewhere
Feb 28: Iraq: Iraqi scientists unearth mass graves
Feb 27: US: Technology likely to play key role in BTK case
Feb 27: US: A UNE researcher aims for a painkiller like morphine, minus the side effects
Feb 27: UK : Britain goes top of heroin league
Feb 26: US : Judge's lawyer says DNA sample not necessary
Feb 26: US : DNA tests could help solve cold case
Feb 26: US: A bid to end execution doubts
Feb 26: Canada: Crime lab closing worries police
Feb 26: US: Understand the value of methadone treatment
Feb 26: US: Meth lab raids become common
Feb 26: US: Illinois, church investigate burial of body parts
Feb 26: Canada: Judge wants standing at Milgaard inquiry
Feb 25: US : Notes of Israeli's 1st astronaut restored
Feb 25: US : Cleanly cut body parts reflect ``medical knowledge
Feb 25: US : 79 murder unlocked with DNA ?
Feb 25: US : Public defenders feel the strain from complex courtroom science
Feb 25: US : Analysis Claiming ASER Danger Miscalculates Safety Threshold
Feb 25: Canada : RCMP closes forensics lab
Feb 25: US : Group fights for convicts' DNA testing
Feb 25: Alaska : Measure would allow collection of prisoner DNA samples by force
Feb 25: US : Forensic nurse stresses importance of rape evidence
Feb 25: US : CSI's Forensic Entomologist Talks Insects
Feb 25: US : DPS lab 1st in U.S. to create good way to get DNA in bone
Feb 24: US : Vinoble COO Awarded Membership in American College of Forensic Examiners Inst.
Feb 24: UK : Bloody stains 'could match' body
Feb 24: UK : CCTV systems 'fail to cut crime'
Feb 24: US : Asking for DNA samples infringes on civil rights
Feb 24: UK : Mark Thomas scoffs at a meaningless apology
Feb 24: US : Expert witness' resume not the whole truth
Feb 24: Germany : Expansion of DNA testing—a step towards genetic registration
Feb 24: US : A wrenching forensic quest ends; 1,100 WTC remains still unnamed
Feb 24: US : Causes named for forensic services backlog
Feb 24: Thailand : Identifying tsunami victims slow process
Feb 23: US : DNA from sex assault later linked to Brents took 47 days
Feb 23: US : DNAPrint genomics Introduces New Product for Law Enforcement
Feb 23: US: Forensic expert helps Blake's not-guilty plea
Feb 23: US: Forensic Work Ends at Ground Zero
Feb 23: US: Forensic work at Ground Zero with 1,161 victims still unidentified
Feb 23: US: IT: What you can do to help the fight against cybercrime
Feb 23: US: Second DNA test proves man's innocence after 10-year prison term
Feb 23: US: Defense expected to rest case in actor's murder trial
Feb 22: US : Two exonerated men seek restitution from state
Feb 22: US : Glitch held up rape DNA work
Feb 22: Italy : Alpine Iceman Reveals Stone Age Secrets
Feb 22: Philipines : Prosecution’s bid to exhume body of Ecleo’s wife granted
Feb 22: US : Bill calls for more testing of DNA
Feb 22: US: Real forensic scientists say 'CSI' hasn't been all good
Feb 22: US: Broader DNA collection law proposed
Feb 21: US : U.S. seeks review of fingerprint techniques
Feb 21: US: TV shows make crime solving look easy but in real life it's not so simple
Feb 21: US: TV Crime Series Putting Forensic Labs under Pressure
Feb 21: US: Glitch delayed link to suspect's DNA
Feb 21: Australia: Forensic tests clear Australians
Feb 21: US: Reduction in DNA backlog no excuse to get lax again
Feb 21: US: DNA puzzle strengthens case for lab oversight
Feb 20: South Africa : Working in the face of death
Feb 20: US : Prosecutors to use DNA tech. to solve oldest unsolved murder
Feb 20: US : 'CSI' shows foster unrealistic expectations, forensic scientists say
Feb 19: Canada : Backlog sits at more than 500 cases
Feb 19: UK : Teenager who spat on bus driver faces arrest
Feb 19: Thailand : Govts. Urged to Resolve Serious Issues Over Tsunami Victims
Feb 18: US: 2nd DNA test proves man's innocence after 10 yr prison term
Feb 18: US: Have Forensic Experts Revealed the Face of the Child Jesus?
Feb 18: Canada: City to host conference on wrongful convictions
Feb 18: Australia: All 3 blasts triggered by cell phones — Forensic experts
Feb 17: US: Cruz jury hears testimony about DNA
Feb 17: US: DNA Test Identifies Missing Mexico Dirty-War Child
Feb 17: Canada : RCMP may reactivate DNA lab
Feb 17: US : Perry seeks identity of body found
Feb 17: US : Lab reveals truths hidden in bones; it's not quite like CSI, expert says
Feb 16: US : Only felons should lose DNA privacy
Feb 16: US : Coroner seeks third term; wants to reduce deaths
Feb 16: Italy : Did Da Vinci have a hand in this masterpiece?
Feb 16: Canada : Effective Drug Rehab Opposes Prescribed Heroin Trial in Canada
Feb 16: US: Tests find HPD's lab data wrong once again
Feb 16: US: CSI-loving teens hot on forensics trail
Feb 16: US: When bodies talk: Forensic anthropologist listens to solve mysteries
Feb 16: UK: Police aim for DNA on 25% of UK population
Feb 16: Australia: Great-grandmother's killer caught out by cigarette DNA
Feb 15: Japan : Japan searches for war dead in Okinawa
Feb 15: US: Forensic Toxicologist explains how she assists in autopsies
Feb 15: Kuwait: forensics show terror chief died of heart failure
Feb 15: US: Blood not Jimmy Hoffa's, DNA results show
Feb 15: UK: Despite Loss, OxyContin Foes Cheer Lawsuit
Feb 15: Trinidad: New twist in fish thief's electrocution theory
Feb 15: Canada: Accuser saw Milgaard's face on a snake
Feb 14: US : Murder, eyewitness identification and the limits of human vision
Feb 14: US : Psychiatrists debate using the word evil
Feb 14: Thailand : Corpse ID data to be reviewed
Feb 14: India : Anara Gupta CD sent to Gujarat forensic lab for tests
Feb 14: UK : Drug rehab: is it just another addiction?
Feb 14: Australia : Fingerprints 'more important' than missing persons database
Feb 14: US : Symbol RFID Systems Will Support Law Enforcement
Feb 14: Sri Lanka : DNA test results show 'Baby 81' belongs to Sri Lankan couple
Feb 14: US: Protecting the innocent
Feb 14: Australia: Trial DNA decision tomorrow
Feb 14: Sri Lanka: That's Our BABY...DNA Test Ends Couple's Court Ordeal
Feb 14: UK: Britain offers belated apology
Feb 14: Australia: Rich, elderly among Opium addicts
Feb 14: Australia: Youth sex-crime cultural crisis
Feb 13: US: Forensic Pathology Reviews: Volume 1
Feb 13: US: The Debbie Smith Act keeps DNA data rolling
Feb 13: Sri Lanka: Court recieves DNA results of 'Baby 81'
Feb 13: US: Up next: CSI, the campus years
Feb 13: UK: 1st Int. Human Idfn. E-Symposium to Bridge Gap Between Science & Law
Feb 13: US: Criminology struggles with nature of evil
Feb 13: US: Evidence points to a reality check
Feb 12: US: Crews begin clearing site for OSBI lab
Feb 12: UK: Police want to keep DNA of suspects on file
Feb 12: US: FBI says DNA analysis in Hoffa case completed; Gorcyca puzzled
Feb 12: Indonesia: Tensions over data
Feb 12: Alaska: Sex crime DNA rule shot down
Feb 12: US: Web site, DNA help ID body of teen-ager
Feb 12: Canada: Kicking the habit with free heroin
Feb 12: US: FBI won't confirm completion of DNA analysis
Feb 12: US: DNA test clears Minden man; girl recants rape claim
Feb 12: US: State Police official to run county crime lab
Feb 12: US: Snaggletooth no more
Feb 12: Thailand: Thai forensic work meets international standards
Feb 12: US: Jagels may get money for crime lab
Feb 11: US: Second owner wants horse exhumed for testing
Feb 11: Canada: No cause of fire that killed family of seven
Feb 11: UK: Storm erupts over heroin clinic plan
Feb 11: UK: Deaths Bring Statewide Heroin Alert
Feb 11: US: Poor defendants get lousy lawyers, ABA study finds
Feb 11: US: Bad heroin warning sounded by state poison control center
Feb 11: Canada: Free heroin for canadians
Feb 10: US: Cruz Trial Day 7: DNA & Ballistic Evidence
Feb 10: US: Oxycontin: A prescription for addiction
Feb 10: Canada: Vancouver clinic offers free heroin in North American first
Feb 10: Israel: IAF choppers to fight Afghan drugs
Feb 10: US: Could shows like CSI-New York be affecting criminal trials ?
Feb 10: US: Penn State forensic entomologist Kim to appear on Court TV program
Feb 10: UK: Blair issues public apology to Guilford four and Maguire Seven
Feb 10: US: Detective, prosecutor didn't frame rape suspect, report says
Feb 10: Australia: DNAPrint Teams With Victoria Police Forensic Services Center
Feb 10: Srilanka: Couple claiming to be parents of Baby 81 await DNA results
Feb 9: Canada: Vancouver Clinic to Offer Heroin on Prescription
Feb 9: US: Crime Lab's logjam is unacceptable
Feb 9: Canada: Police told accuser to stick to story, inquiry hears
Feb 9: Canada: Toronto police link suspect to assaults with DNA
Feb 9: Thailand: Pongthep to broker fresh forensic truce
Feb 9: US: Trial set for medical examiner accused of staging his own attack
Feb 9: US: Proposed law calls for expanding DNA collection
Feb 9: UK: Blair apologises for wrongful convictions
Feb 9: US: Forensic evidence
Feb 9: Sri Lanka: Tsunami baby has DNA test
Feb 9: Canada: Free Heroin in Vancouver
Feb 9: US: Wrongful conviction may net man $$$
Feb 9: US: State Wants DNA from Arrested Felons
Feb 8: Canada: North America's first clinical trial of prescribed heroin begins Thursday
Feb 8: US: DNA Backlog
Feb 8: US: NBC's forensic show takes on a different focus
Feb 8: US: Forensic Scientists Create Image of Christ as a Child
Feb 8: South Africa: SA tsunami team back home
Feb 8: US: Newberry adds forensic program
Feb 8: US: Shelby medical examiner on trial in fake attack case
Feb 8: US: Forensic anthropologist works identifying dead by traits
Feb 8: Sri Lanka: Baby 81 to undergo DNA testing
Feb 8: New Zealand: Why Gun Registration Fails
Feb 7: Canada: Inquiry turns to Milgaard's accusers
Feb 7: US: Backlog in DNA testing reduced
Feb 7: UK: MP Urges DNA Speed-Up in 1990 Joanna Murder Case
Feb 7: US: Local crime lab to utilize new DNA technology
Feb 7: US: Methadone Deaths Rising in the U.S
Feb 7: South Africa: No news on missing 4 from SA
Feb 7: US: Court TV: The Big Chill
Feb 6: US: State crime lab's DNA backlog drops 86 percent
Feb 6: US: Forensic lab gets down to the DNA
Feb 6: Canada: Addictions foundation sounds alarm over Hillbilly Heroin
Feb 6: US: Mysterious suicide of Nuremburg psychiatrist
Feb 6: Malta: An inquest in a quandary ?
Feb 6: US: Forensic lab gets down to the DNA
Feb 6: US: BTK case becomes topic of study on campuses
Feb 6: Japan: DNA riddle deepens kidnap row
Feb 5: US: Blake testimony focuses on his wife's gunshot wounds
Feb 4: US: Bush talks about Green's DNA bill
Feb 4: US: Prosecutor's office to decide whether to seek penalty against 2 serial killers
Feb 4: US: UC Considers Using Barcodes for Cadavers
Feb 4: Georgia: Officials Rule out Foul Play, Ask FBI for Forensic Assistance
Feb 4: US: Forensic lab can't be neglected
Feb 4: Australia: Airman's remains DNA-tested
Feb 3: Thailand: Investigators turning to DNA to ID tsunami victims
Feb 3: US: Cleared by DNA evidence, man seeks compensation for 22 years
Feb 3: US: President Bush Urges Congress to Fund New DNA Initiative
Feb 3: US: Accused man’s DNA found on victim – expert
Feb 3: UK: Heroin use report irresponsible
Feb 3: US: Forensic Files to dramatize Gilbert woman's slaying
Feb 3: UK: Your Views: Living on heroin
Feb 3: UK: Study suggests heroin use can be controlled
Feb 3: UK: Heroin use report irresponsible
Feb 3: US: Microsope with star power
Feb 3: US: Our Fascination With Forensic TV Shows is Almost Criminal
Feb 3: Japan: Tuna to be traced by DNA to ensure catches are legal
Feb 3: US: DNA work heats up Denver's cold cases
Feb 3: Sri Lanka: DNA test for tsunami survivor Baby 81
Feb 3: US: Saddlebred Exhumation Underway
Feb 2: US: D-N-A hunt hopes to certify bones
Feb 2: US: Forensic expert to speak
Feb 2: US: Trigger of Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms Identified
Feb 2: UAE: Dr. Abdulqader Al Khayat appointed Executive Director
Feb 2: Canada: Gun that fired fatal bullet 'a foot away' from victim
Feb 2: US: College Launches forensic program
Feb 2: India: Role of forensic science to be discussed at police meet
Feb 2: Sri Lanka: Tsunami 'Baby 81' DNA Test Ruling Sparks Outcry
Feb 2: Thailand: Forensics team talks about mission in Thailand
Feb 1: Alaska: City may fund DNA analyst at crime lab
Feb 1: Sri Lanka: DNA test to solve tsunami baby riddle
Feb 1: US: Expert: Rapist looked for weak victim
Feb 1: Thailand: Corpse transfer upsets kin of dead victims
Feb 1: US: Discrediting the Expert Witness on Account of Bias
Feb 1: US: DNA hunt hopes to certify bones as Gosnold's
Feb 1: US: Second jury deadlocks over twin's DNA in rape trial
Feb 1: Netherlands: New DNA law to solve cold case crimes
Feb 1: Canada: Vancouver Poised to Launch Free Heroin Trial
Feb 1: US: DNA tests exonerate 2 in 1990 killing
Feb 1: US: Specialist confirms Linda Rambo died of gunshot to the head
Feb 1: US: Forensic scientist uses blood to solve crime

January, 2005

Jan 31: US: NBC's 'Medical Investigation' evolves to survive
Jan 31: US: Newberry College To Offer Forensic Chemistry Degree
Jan 31: UK: Richey vows to fight the death penalty
Jan 31: Malta: Most drug overdose deaths caused by heroin
Jan 31: US: College to offer forensic science
Jan 31: Canada: Police want a real name for teen slain 10 years ago
Jan 31: Canada: Is free heroin just a quick fix ?
Jan 31: UK: My rage over 18 wasted years on Death Row
Jan 30: Singapore: Faint fingerprints traced
Jan 30: US: Maine not alone in efforts to police organ donations
Jan 30: US: DNA-test technology improving
Jan 30: US: New clue, new hope: After 31 years
Jan 30: US: Homeless man charged in slayings of 3 women
Jan 30: US: DNA aids in crime battles
Jan 30: US: A trip down memory lane
Jan 29: US: Texas Rangers aren't qualified to clean up HPD crime lab mess
Jan 29: US: Utah companies use DNA to identify tsunami victims
Jan 29: US: Funding cut for forensics program
Jan 29: Canada: Hillbilly heroin heads downtown
Jan 29: UK: Young to help crime team get fighting fit
Jan 28: US: Digital evidence: Today's fingerprints
Jan 28: US: NY State Court Denies Certification for OxyContin Class Action
Jan 28: UK: Heroin anger at city inquest
Jan 28: US: Controversial expert dropped from jurors' list of witnesses
Jan 28: Canada: Pathologists shouldn't take sides, expert says
Jan 28: US: Serial murder suspect tries to plead guilty
Jan 28: US: Expert witness says drugs to blame in sodomy case
Jan 28: Thailand: Thai Prime Minister says China has processed tsunami dead DNA
Jan 28: Germany: DNA proposal endorsed
Jan 27: US: DNA links inmates to unsolved crimes
Jan 27: Canada: David Milgaard's mother encouraged by inquiry
Jan 27: UK: All aboard for conflict classes
Jan 27: Ireland: Ireland drug abuse statistics shock
Jan 27: Canada: Pathologist tells inquiry he made mistakes
Jan 27: Barbados: $23.8m for Forensic Sciences Centre
Jan 27: Canada: Innocent man can sue his lawyer
Jan 27: US: Museum of Discovery exhibit builds on growing fascination with forensics
Jan 27: US: Fox Gives OK to Female-Driven Drama Pilots
Jan 27: Canada: Editorial: Ending legal injustices
Jan 27: Canada: A highly disturbed young man: MD
Jan 27: US: Court told man's DNA not at site of slayings
Jan 27: US: The forensic scientist (UK)
Jan 26: US: Prosecutor to use DNA from aborted fetus in rape case
Jan 26: UK: The forensic coordinator (UK)
Jan 26: Canada: Report eyes wrongful convictions
Jan 26: US: At Stamford High School, budding forensic scientists probe 'crime scene'
Jan 26: Canada: Police, Crowns target wrongful convictions
Jan 26: Canada: Conflicting stories heard at Milgaard inquiry
Jan 26: US: Smith defense warns court about forensic psychiatrist's testimony
Jan 26: US: Prisoner charged in 1989 slaying
Jan 26: US: University of Utah Health Sciences Center Addresses Narcotics Diversion
Jan 26: US: New DNA testing law already matching felons to old crimes
Jan 26: Canada: Handheld DNA Scanners to ID Species Instantly?
Jan 25: US: Testing More People For Dna
Jan 25: Canada: WFederal, Provincial & Territorial Ministers Responsible for Justice
Jan 25: US: Defense Department Uses New Tools to Fight Child Porn
Jan 25: China: Taking the crime out of drugs
Jan 25: US: Police: DNA links inmate to 1989 rape, slaying of teenager
Jan 25: US: Dewhurst calls for more-centralized crime lab system in Texas
Jan 25: US: Expert: Advances in DNA testing stem from 9/11
Jan 24: US: Texas crime lab study urged
Jan 24: Canada: Free speech in the public interest
Jan 24: India: Two wounded in laboratory blast
Jan 24: US: Dewhurst: Crime lab overhaul may be needed
Jan 24: US: Jury awards $6.6 million to man 'framed' by FBI
Jan 24: UK: Sally Clark case doctor denies misconduct
Jan 24: Thailand: Police prepare to send 1,000 more DNA samples to China
Jan 24: US: Critics wary about biometric smart cards
Jan 24: US: Reality of a state police crime lab is a far cry from television's 'CSI'
Jan 24: UK: Doctor Facing GMC Serious Misconduct Hearing
Jan 24: US: DNA Tests In Violation of Civil Liberties
Jan 24: US: DNA-test delays hamper investigations
Jan 24: Indonesia: Forensic tests go against witnesses in Adiguna case
Jan 23: US: Details of BTK case matter to public
Jan 23: US: Corrections career tough, but rewarding
Jan 23: Thailand: New forensic centre set up to identify Thai tsunami victims
Jan 21: India: Key to panel’s case: A crawl
Jan 21: US: Who Else is Lying? Nat. Handwriting Week Reveals Characters - Public & Private
Jan 21: US: "All Charged Up" - The Troy Graves Case
Jan 21: Kenya: With Anglo Leasing's Forensic Lab, Police Would Crack Death Puzzles
Jan 21: US: UCLA corpse scandal probe accents security
Jan 21: US: "Purr-fect Match" - The Shirley Duguay Case
Jan 20: US: University officials announce efforts to prevent theft of body parts
Jan 20: Canada: Inquiry into wrongful murder conviction hears more testimony
Jan 20: Malayasia: DNA expert: Hair strands could not be identified
Jan 20: Australia: Femur discovery unearths more questions
Jan 20: Canada: 'Hillbilly-heroin' deaths on rise, drug figures show
Jan 20: UK: Police re-enact the shooting of Richard Holmes
Jan 19: Canada: Free heroin for addicts in new study
Jan 19: US: Will DNA spell end of murder mystery?
Jan 19: US: Forensic expert's testimony helps Blake
Jan 19: US: Prosecutors may use new DNA evidence in Ann Arbor-area murder case
Jan 18: US: The FBI DNA Laboratory: A Review of Protocol and Practice Vulnerabilities
Jan 18: Australia: DNA leads cold-case squad to first arrest
Jan 19: UK: Heroin and Valium use falls by 8%
Jan 19: US: DNA probe brings '20/20' to Cape Cod
Jan 19: Taiwan: CIB laughs off report by committee
Jan 18: Canada: Study will give free heroin to some B.C. addicts
Jan 18: US: Forensic Discovery
Jan 18: US: The FBI DNA Laboratory: A Review of Protocol and Practice Vulnerabilities
Jan 18: Australia: DNA leads cold-case squad to first arrest
Jan 18: Thailand: Thai tsunami forensic centre produces first IDs
Jan 18: US: Debbie Smith Petitions Twelve States to Pass Laws
Jan 18: Canada: Clothes had slain boy's DNA
Jan 18: US: Spurred by son's addiction, educator pushes drug testing
Jan 18: South Africa: East Rand hospital put under the microscope
Jan 17: Canada: Milgaard wrongful conviction inquiry begins
Jan 17: Iraq: Iraq asks help in finding a million who disappeared
Jan 17: US: Woman finds jar containing body parts
Jan 17: UK: Computer data matches raise families' hope
Jan 17: US: DNA tests sought in ex-trooper case
Jan 17: US: The CSI Effect -- More Students Look at Forensic Majors
Jan 17: Thailand: Nationalities of 1,900 corpses still unclear
Jan 17: UK: Cot death mum presses for inquiry
Jan 17: China: Experts call for limit on DNA testing
Jan 17: Germany: Germany Considers Expanding DNA Testing
Jan 17: US: Dispute draws attention to organ banks' practices
Jan 17: Thailand: DNA tests in the works for tsunami's Baby 81
Jan 17: US: Collect DNA after convictions
Jan 17: SLOVAKIA: DNA database launched
Jan 17: Thailand: Foreign forensic teams unite
Jan 17: Canada: Fataility numbers increase in Northwestern Ontario
Jan 17: Canada: Milgaard wrongful conviction inquiry to begin
Jan 16: Iraq: Iraq centre to trace disappeared
Jan 16: US: Something's broken within our 'machinery of death'
Jan 16: US: BTK DNA
Jan 15: Thailand: Truce called in body ID turf war
Jan 15: Canada: Inquiry set to pull back veil on Milgaard case
Jan 15: US: Expert: No Blood On Robert Blake’s Clothing
Jan 15: US: Ohio forensic nurses convene in Marion
Jan 15: US: Officials hope for more than $1M for new UVSC center
Jan 15: US: DNA Sample To Be Tested In Ballerina's Death
Jan 15: Thailand: DNA samples of tsunami victims in Thailand sent to China
Jan 15: US: Year-end statistics released by county coroner’s office
Jan 14: US: Testimony From Forensic Pathologist
Jan 14: Thailand: Police stress need for international standards in corpse identification
Jan 14: UK: Police DNA database attacked by GeneWatch
Jan 14: Thailand: More RP forensic experts sent to Thailand
Jan 14: Thailand: DNA science used to ID bodies
Jan 14: US: The price of false witness
Jan 14: Thailand: Thai power games put DNA match in jeopardy
Jan 14: Canada: Drug testing ordered for top police officers
Jan 14: US: House bill would create larger database of DNA
Jan 14: UK: Police hold forensic clincs for victims of car crime
Jan 13: US: Some fear DNA database could be misused to target groups of people
Jan 13: US: Solve Mysteries of Unexplained Deaths on Discovery Health Channel's
Jan 13: UK: Report warns of dangers of UK's DNA database
Jan 13: US: DNA Testing: The Controversy of Using It
Jan 13: Canada: Police refuse to retract impaired claim
Jan 13: Canada: Inquiry to cover costs for Joyce Milgaard
Jan 13: US: Lecture by Douglas Owsley, America's Foremost Forensic Anthropologist
Jan 13: Thailand: World's largest disaster victim ID database set up
Jan 13: Thailand: PM confident of thousands of DNA matches soon
Jan 12: UK: Privatisation of forensic service delayed
Jan 12: UK: The old boys' club and its inexpert experts can still hold juries in thrall
Jan 12: UK: Expert Witnesses: At the experts’ expense
Jan 12: UK: Expert Witnesses: A matter of opinion
Jan 12: Honduras: Honduran officials to search for mass grave
Jan 12: Thailand: Spiky hair, tight jeans: the Thai forensic chief they call Dr Death
Jan 12: Thailand: Tsunami disaster has taught forensic experts to work together
Jan 12: Thailand: Thai Authorities Exhume Bodies for Forensic Tests
Jan 12: Thailand: Morgue move sparks talk of rift
Jan 12: Zimbabwe: Murder Victims Pile Up in Zimbabwe's Mortuaries
Jan 12: UK: Home Office commits to public sector future for forensic science
Jan 12: US: Rosenthal needs to think twice before retrying Yates
Jan 12: India: Forensic animation in India soon
Jan 12: Thailand: International forensic center opens
Jan 12: UK: DNA database Big Brother warning
Jan 12: Thailand: Thailand continues exhumations for DNA identification
Jan 12: US: DNA frees man, leads to another in sex assault
Jan 12: UK: Safeguards demanded for DNA database
Jan 12: US: Judge: No DNA evidence required
Jan 12: Thailand: Inside the House of Puzzles
Jan 12: Thailand: Tsunami Forensics Bury Bodies To Preserve For DNA Testing
Jan 11: US: Summit to focus on epidemic of heroin and opiate abuse
Jan 11: Canada: Pickton case helps tsunami forensic probe
Jan 11: Thailand: Forensics Experts Work to ID Tsunami Victims
Jan 11: Thailand: Forensic dentist to identify tsunami victims in Thailand
Jan 11: Thailand: Thousands of body pictures go on CD to speed up identification process
Jan 11: US: Meth Seminar Well Attended
Jan 10: US: Police hunt killer by targeting all men in town
Jan 10: US: Forensic chief shrugs off rumours of discord
Jan 10: US: Cue laughter: Britney longs to be real forensic scientist
Jan 10: New Zealand to help Thailand identify tsunami victims
Jan 10: Zimbabwe: Bodies pile up in Zim after forensic pathologist retires
Jan 10: UK: A new survey conducted by Independent Drugs Monitoring Unit
Jan 10: US: Amy Murder Hunt Police Liaise with Forensic Profilers
Jan 10: Israel: Tsunami victim Meri Politi identified
Jan 10: South Africa: Shortage of Forensic Pathologists Affects Murder Investigations
Jan 10: US: DNA is expected to confirm that dead soldier strangled student
Jan 10: India: Need to sensitise police force about forensic science
Jan 9: US: ACLU suit threatens DNA samples
Jan 9: US: You, Me And The Death Penalty
Jan 9: Thailand: Teams unite in biggest forensic effort
Jan 9: US: WSSU Proposes DNA Lab To Aid Triad Law Agencies
Jan 9: Australia: Study finds drug use comes before crime
Jan 9: US: Invasion of the U.S. Body Snatchers? Another Saudi Blood-Libel
Jan 9: Afghanistan: Addicted in Afghanistan
Jan 8: Thailand: Thai forensic work speeds up after disputes
Jan 8: US: WSSU wants a forensics lab for DNA
Jan 8: Thailand: Temple becomes the center of efficient forensic effort
Jan 8: Colombia: Women turning to crime
Jan 8: US: Police seek DNA samples in 2002 Truro slaying
Jan 8: US: Man takes hit in DNA case
Jan 8: US: DNA goes under the microscope at DePaolo, thanks to BioConnection
Jan 8: Thailand: Canada seeks effective way to spell relief
Jan 8: US: Families struggling to locate loved ones
Jan 8: US: 10 years later, police believe killing solved
Jan 8: Thailand: Selective DNA testing by foreign teams irks govt
Jan 7: Canada: Police, parents urge probe of oxycodone drugs
Jan 7: US: DNA May Help Free Man Convicted Of Lodi Rape
Jan 7: US: DNA evidence leads to murder arrests
Jan 7: US: Yates Witness Calls Erroneous Testimony An Honest Mistake
Jan 7: Thailand: Identifying tsunami victims
Jan 7: Thailand: No delay in identifying Thai tsunami victims--forensic teams
Jan 7: Thailand: Ultra-Orthodox Israelis reminded of Genesis
Jan 7: Thailand: Tsunami produces forensic task way bigger than 9/11
Jan 7: US: Blagojevich grants pardons to four cleared by DNA
Jan 7: US: State task force seeks legislation on DNA testing
Jan 7: Thailand: The Grim Task of Identifying British Tsunami Victims
Jan 7: US: National center for fighting high-tech crime, opens doors
Jan 7: US: FBI opens Silicon Valley lab
Jan 6: UK: Heroin figures rising
Jan 6: Ireland: Penal Reform Trust slams mandatory drug tests for prisoners
Jan 6: US: FORENSICS -- The telltale tree
Jan 6: US: Why the delays at crime lab ?
Jan 6: US: Avery task force recommends legislation on DNA testing
Jan 6: China: China to conduct all DNA tests on tsunami victims
Jan 5: US: Appeals Court Upholds Use Of DNA Evidence
Jan 5: Thailand: Thais run short of fridges as tsunami bodies decay
Jan 5: US: Expansion of Setec Forensic Laboratories to Three New Cities
Jan 5: India: Delhi Police to have cyber forensic laboratory
Jan 5: UK: Damilola: DNA breakthrough leads to re-arrest of three suspects
Jan 5: US: Court upholds use of mitochondrial DNA
Jan 5: US: Drug lab at Lower Portland
Jan 5: Thialand: As search winds down, forensic experts step up
Jan 4: Poland: Poland sends forensic experts to tsunami-hit Thai districts
Jan 4: Thailand: Belgian forensic experts begin work in Thailand
Jan 4: US: Moylan prosecution costs at least $86,500
Jan 4: Thailand: Police Forensic Teams Help Identify British Tsunami Victims
Jan 4: Thailand: Police seek DNA match for tsunami victims
Jan 4: Canada: Facial-scan technology unproven - internal report on biometrics
Jan 4: Hawaii: Hawaii Forensic Teams Heads To Southeast Asia
Jan 3: US: Nevada investigators hope sketch provides identity clue
Jan 3: Thailand: Forensic teams forced to dig up bodies
Jan 3: Canada: Identifying tsunami victims will take months
Jan 3: Thailand: Experts from around the world join largest ever forensic investigation
Jan 3: Thailand: The world's largest forensic operation
Jan 3: US: Crime lab progress to be checked
Jan 3: UK: Forensic DNA: How it works
Jan 3: Thailand: Thailand continues body search
Jan 3: Thailand: 300 mislabelled bodies to be exhumed
Jan 3: US: State probation law calls for DNA samples
Jan 3: Thailand: Experts consider temporary burial of victims
Jan 3: US: Forensic artist helps authorities nab criminals
Jan 3: US: Speedy new system checks gun buyers
Jan 3: US: Prescription-drug crimes on the rise
Jan 3: US: Taking down a meth lab is high-risk work
Jan 3: Thailand: Years of 'corpse meditation' now serving monks well
Jan 3: Thialand: International police assist in DNA collection
Jan 3: Ireland: DNA to help in search for Irish
Jan 3: Thailand: NZ team takes DNA, teeth from tsunami victims
Jan 3: Israel: Israel leads forensic effort in Thailand
Jan 3: Sri Lanka: Forensic teams struggle to identify foreign tsunami victims
Jan 3: US: The real ‘CSI’
Jan 3: Iraq: Will DNA convict Saddam Hussein?
Jan 3: Thailand: Canadian forensic teams arrive in Thailand
Jan 3: Philipines: Pinoy team to help identify tsunami victims
Jan 2: US: Police fret over surge in 'hillbilly heroin' use
Jan 2: Thailand: Survivors posting photos in painful search for young
Jan 2: US: Jarring death rate fuels flap over police, Tasers
Jan 2: US: Evidently, guilty
Jan 2: US: Police here hope for more DNA testing success stories
Jan 2: Thailand: More forensic staff needed to help identify bodies
Jan 1: Switzerland: Swiss lend support in identification process
Jan 1: Singapore: Singapore to send more forensic teams to tsunami-hit areas
Jan 1: Thailand: Thai victim searchers told to go home
Jan 1: Thailand: Forensic expert confirms that all bodies will be examined
Jan 1: Thailand: Forensic teams see no end to tsunami killing field
Jan 1: US: Don't expunge DNA
Jan 1: New Zealand: NZ body ID team set to start work

December, 2004

Dec 31: US: CMPD Input Gun Fingerprints Into Database
Dec 31: US: DNA clears man who spent 10 years in prison for rape
Dec 31: Canada: Store DNA, families of missing urged
Dec 31: US: Law signed to help right wronged cons
Dec 31: Thailand: Chinese forensic experts arrive in Thailand
Dec 31: US: Why All Drugs Should Be Legalized
Dec 31: US: New law pays wrongfully convicted people
Dec 31: UK: Two infant deaths 'usually natural', says new study
Dec 31: Australia: The garden of death
Dec 31: New Zealand: Grim task faces special police disaster team
Dec 31: Thailand: Send us body bags, forensic experts: Thai ambassador
Dec 31: India: J&K police sends porn CD for forensic test
Dec 31: Israel: The sea has parted us forever
Dec 31: Thailand: Israeli gets life sentence for murdering wife
Dec 30: US: Wrongfully convicted may sue state under new law
Dec 30: Canada: Canadians asked to provide forensic help
Dec 30: US: Guilty Until Proven Innocent
Dec 30: Israel: We are in a war against time
Dec 30: UK: Dundee expert hits out at Government
Dec 30: Ireland: Forensic clues hold key to death
Dec 30: India: Porn VCD sent to Hyderabad based forensic lab
Dec 30: Australia: Australian forensic teams head to Thailand
Dec 30: US: Gun control doesn't reduce crime, violence, say studies
Dec 30: US: Drugs, alcohol combo killed student
Dec 29: US: The state's DNA profiling system will get larger, additional school
Dec 29: US: Doctors Kill More People a Year Than Guns
Dec 29: US: Convicted Murderer May Be Cleared With DNA
Dec 29: US: Ordinance draft requested on methamphetamine
Dec 29: US: Fingerprint database already giving a lift
Dec 29: Iraq: DNA Evidence May Be Key in Saddam Trial
Dec 29: US: New technology lets police agencies link criminal databases
Dec 29: US: Professor knows her mummy
Dec 28: US: Meth lab cleanup $1,900 per site
Dec 28: Thailand: Rush to collect DNA data as bodies begin to decompose
Dec 28: US: ACLU Wrong to Attack Collection of DNA
Dec 28: US: US May Send Forensic Teams to Deal with Tidal Wave Victims
Dec 27: US: She's 'unsung hero' in war against drunken driving
Dec 27: US: Scientist in crime lab tied to wrongful convictions in Oregon
Dec 26: US: Murderer to be resentenced because of new DNA tests
Dec 26: UK: The Inquisition finds new prey
Dec 26: US: Man savors holiday, life out of prison
Dec 25: US: Team to aid victims of sexual assault
Dec 25: US: Investigators hope DNA leads to clues in cold case
Dec 24: UK: Reward for U.K.'s most prolific rapist
Dec 24: UK: DNA solves 14-year-old rape case
Dec 24: UK: Rapist 'attacks over Xmas'
Dec 24: US: The Prison Inside Him
Dec 24: US: Did boy Jesus look like this ?
Dec 24: UK: Police step up sex attack patrols
Dec 23: US: Police: DNA cracks 15-year cold case
Dec 23: US: Man who jumped off Empire State Building deck is identified
Dec 23: Italy: Technology plays with God's image
Dec 23: UK: Pond May Hold Murder Secret
Dec 23: Burma: Burma's heroin finds new route through China's Yunnan province
Dec 23: US: Ruling limits state's use of criminals' DNA samples
Dec 23: US: Death Row Inmate Hopes DNA Results Win Him A Retrial
Dec 23: US: Federal Identification System Proves Sucessful
Dec 23: Australia: Forensic officer awarded $750,000
Dec 22: US: Director chosen for KC crime lab
Dec 22: Canada: DNA evidence or lack thereof, exoneration of wrongfully accused
Dec 22: US: DNA Evidence
Dec 22: India: Marks of brutality on boy’s body
Dec 22: US: DNA lead breaks a cold case
Dec 21: US: Crime Lab May Get Boost
Dec 21: Canada: Did Paul Rainone's killer have any idea what he was doing?
Dec 21: US: DNA evidence leads to man's release after 17 years
Dec 21: US: Sensible Oversight for DNA Evidence
Dec 21: US: Overall teen drug use continues gradual decline; but use of inhalants rises
Dec 21: UN: U.N. Warns of Increased Deaths from Purer Heroin
Dec 21: US: Training regimen helps reduce meth lab raid risks
Dec 21: UK: Child death cases to be reviewed
Dec 21: Iraq: Stray dogs lead villagers to mass grave in Iraq
Dec 21: US: El Pasoan to be exonerated of crime after spending 17 years in prison
Dec 21: US: In time for Christmas: Freedom after 16 years
Dec 21: UAE: Scientists recover DNA from skeleton
Dec 20: UK: DNA heat turned on unsolved cold cases
Dec 20: Taiwan: Mayor honors forensic scientist Dr. Henry Lee
Dec 20: Canada: DNA Cluster Project gets $3.6 million from Province
Dec 20: India: Fostering forensics
Dec 20: US: Louisville airport has no bomb-sniffing dog
Dec 19: Canada: Pickton murder trial delays elicit frustration
Dec 19: India: Bilkis case: Forensic tests may help CBI
Dec 19: US: Supervisor accused of passing off DNA test
Dec 19: US: Hooked on developing abuse-resistant drugs
Dec 19: US: TV show says DNA profile produced in JonBenét case
Dec 19: US: Some say parole board sets 'dangerous' DNA precedent
Dec 19: US: Give Virginia's crime lab the help it needs
Dec 19: US: Are drug deaths decreasing?
Dec 19: US: DNA database info snags rape suspect
Dec 19: US: Plan Would Split Off Forensic Unit
Dec 18: US: DNA expert testifies death row inmate cannot be ruled out in case
Dec 18: US: 'CSI' series generates greater interest in death studies
Dec 18: Taiwan: Henry Lee arrives to deliver speech on forensic science
Dec 18: US: Regents OK DSU forensic science program
Dec 17: US: Opelika hospital lab offers new speedy results on date-rape drug
Dec 17: UK: Happy Christmas - we know what you're up to
Dec 17: Japan: Police to use online DNA database
Dec 17: UN: UN Warns of Increase in Heroin Overdose Deaths
Dec 17: US: Imprisoned man charged with 1989 killing after DNA link
Dec 17: US: Analyst says test found his DNA on victim
Dec 17: US: Man's car 'long shot' for DNA
Dec 17: US: AG Outlines Plan To Fight High-Tech Criminals
Dec 17: Australia: LEAP of faith rather than fact?
Dec 16: Thailand: Forensic expert seeks cooperation on investg. insurgency cases
Dec 16: US: DNA evidence points toward rape suspect
Dec 16: Canada: DNA leads to arrest in Calgary sex attacks
Dec 16: US: Heating up cold cases
Dec 16: US: Baltimore Man Freed Decades After Wrongful Conviction
Dec 16: US: Dearth of clues stymies police on serial killer case
Dec 16: US: Inmate charged in 1990 rape after 11th-hour DNA match
Dec 16: US: DNA may solve 20-year-old murder case
Dec 16: US: Tips on facing OxyContin abuse
Dec 16: US: Doctor tried to ignite patients
Dec 15: US: Forensic Funding
Dec 15: UK: Alder Hey scandal doctor in the clear
Dec 15: US: Indian forensic expert gets death threat in Lankan case
Dec 15: US: Crime Commission ups ante on state DNA lab
Dec 15: US: Ohio Supreme Court Denies Class Certification in OxyContin(R) Litigation
Dec 15: US: Commission seeks more money for forensic testing
Dec 15: Russia: Russia reports Afghan heroin rise
Dec 15: US: Arabian Speed: Drug of Choice in the Middle East
Dec 15: UK: Clothes worn by Luke seized, Jodi trial told
Dec 15: UK: 'Clifton rapist' admits attacks
Dec 15: US: DNA test for Sterling hinges on sample
Dec 15: Korea: [FOUNTAIN]Science lag poses trouble for nations
Dec 15: US: Ex-Suspect Twice Cleared of Rape Demands Return of DNA Sample
Dec 15: Australia: Australian forensic experts to help probe GenSan blast
Dec 15: US: Ivy Tech expands criminal justice, forensics program
Dec 15: US: Crime lab revamp promises needed oversight
Dec 14: Canada: DNA data bank used to find assault suspect
Dec 14: US: Judge Denies DNA Tests
Dec 14: US: DNA Tests May Set Two Men Free
Dec 14: US: Inside the Mind of a Suicide Bomber
Dec 14: US: Funding for state's forensic lab will heighten DNA testing capability
Dec 14: US: Warner proposes new forensic science funding
Dec 14: US: Gov. Warner announces funding for anti-terrorism, DNA testing
Dec 14: US: Judge thwarts effort to re-test evidence in 1988 murder
Dec 14: US: Investigators say scientist murdered with arsenic
Dec 14: US: $2.5 Million in Grants For Palm Print Scanning Technology
Dec 14: US: High schools and colleges find crime does pay
Dec 14: US: Exhibit of body parts, corpses coming to Chicago
Dec 14: US: Experts: Pedophiles usually don't start abuse late in life
Dec 14: Canada: Criminals turning to knives, chief fears
Dec 14: US: Forensic anthropologist reads clues left by bones
Dec 13: US: DNA analysis causes most of state backlog
Dec 13: France: Tragedy Envelops French Actor Giraud
Dec 13: US: Crisis center offers solace to victims of sex assault
Dec 13: US: Expert Witnesses
Dec 13: Australia: Tough terms for joke spikers urged
Dec 13: UK: Suspects in Bible John case give DNA samples 30 years on
Dec 13: US: DNA lab swamped by calls
Dec 13: US: Higher heroin purity worries officials
Dec 13: Australia: Doctors resist forensic role for nurses
Dec 12: France: Body of French actor's daughter identified
Dec 12: US: Hidden Role in Drug World
Dec 12: US: BTK Serial Killings Probe Targets Media
Dec 12: US: Nominee works with the dead to solve crimes
Dec 12: US: Police hail swift DNA technology
Dec 12: Australia: Study delves into the minds of arsonists
Dec 12: UK: Suspects in Bible John hunt given DNA tests
Dec 12: US: Crime Scene Unit officer pays attention to details
Dec 12: Korea: South Koreans debate marijuana issue
Dec 12: US: Not quite like on 'CSI'
Dec 12: US: Man free after 12 years in prison for wrongful conviction
Dec 12: Australia: Research sparks call for firebugs to be monitored
Dec 11: US: Not-so-real TV
Dec 11: US: Judge: No DNA expert required
Dec 11: US: Evidence scrutinized in Oltz murder trial
Dec 11: Singapore: Murder suspects to get psychiatric tests
Dec 10: US: BTK investigators target media, police in DNA sweeps
Dec 10: US: Pathologist: Accused Could Not Know Restraint Would Kill Student
Dec 10: Amsterdam: Man 'falsely convicted' of child murder is freed
Dec 10: US: Appeals court upholds DNA collection statute
Dec 10: US: Local woman scoured Iraq graves for evidence
Dec 10: US: Wesleyan prof. in search of justice with Iraqi grave excavations
Dec 10: Russia: Remains not czar's
Dec 10: US: Coroner `hiring crisis,' DA says
Dec 9: India: Forensic evidence should be taken as direct evidence
Dec 9: US: Man freed from Okla. death row in '99 dies
Dec 9: US: Lincoln Scientist Builds Case Against Saddam Hussein
Dec 9: Australia: Two cleared of Forensic lab bomb plot
Dec 9: Japan: Remains of Last Russian Czar Nicholas II Not Authentic
Dec 9: N Korea: N.Korea caught in second lie about remains
Dec 9: US: State of mind is key Attorneys on both sides
Dec 9: US: DEA Targets Afghanistan Heroin Production
Dec 9: US: As violence goes, we're up there
Dec 9: US: Heroin plagues North Shore
Dec 9: Iraq: Marine Corps deploys Fallujah biometric ID scheme
Dec 9: US: Rape victim's therapy records wanted
Dec 9: Japan: Remains not those of Yokota
Dec 9: US: Forensic science again in spotlight at wesleyan
Dec 8: South Africa: DNA crisis 'exaggerated'
Dec 8: US: Employees responsible for biggest shoplifting losses
Dec 8: US: Four-legged partner was lifesaver 12-08-2004
Dec 8: Australia: Uni test hits on heroin
Dec 8: US: ACLU sues to scrap Prop. 69 and its DNA databank
Dec 8: US: Bad news for patients in pain
Dec 8: US: McCort credits DNA testing for solving mystery
Dec 8: US: From Donuts To Heroin
Dec 8: US: Kazaa trial 'expert' changed sides
Dec 8: India: Forensic scientists should upgrade skills constantly: Gupta
Dec 8: US: Details emerge in Caico investigation
Dec 8: India: Cops obtain voice samples of Telgi
Dec 8: US: ACLU challenges measure requiring collection of DNA
Dec 8: US: Authorities awaiting Olson forensic tests
Dec 8: US: Forensic exam ordered for suspect
Dec 8: US: Lost bodies, broken promises
Dec 8: New Zealand: DNA sample nabs toilet rapist
Dec 8: Australia: Filtering still flawed, expert says
Dec 7: India: Forensic Science Conference in Hyderabad from tomorrow
Dec 7: US: DNA Links Man to 1986 Murder
Dec 7: US: ACLU Sues Over California DNA Testing of Arrestees
Dec 7: US: New DNA Proof Links Man to 1973 Slaying
Dec 7: US: ACLU Challenges California's Felon DNA Proposition
Dec 7: Canada: DNA tests completed in fatal air crash
Dec 7: US: Authorities still waiting for forensic tests for Hettinger couple
Dec 7: US: Campus sexual assault a reality
Dec 7: US: lost lives behind Humboldt's tragic drug overdose statistics
Dec 7: India: CFSL scientists begin work to match Telgi's voice sample
Dec 7: UK: Forensic software helps fight computer crime
Dec 7: US: DNA test backfires for murderer
Dec 7: US: N.M. Authorities Want DNA From Wisconsin Rape Suspect
Dec 7: US: The New Epidemic - Why is Our Society Hooked on Mind-Altering Drugs ?
Dec 7: US: KBI touts success of DNA database
Dec 7: UK: Police fingerprint system crashes
Dec 6: US: Aspyr ships CSI game
Dec 6: US: DNA links Ohio murderer to unsolved 1972 Calif. murder
Dec 6: Afghanisthan: Anti-drugs drive 'will turn tide' of opium
Dec 6: US: KBI touts DNA success, says stable funding source needed
Dec 6: US: DNA testing shows murder suspect may be Native American
Dec 6: US: Applied Biosystems Introduces New Product
Dec 6: US: Study Results Confirm Remoxy(TM) is Sig. Less Abusable Than Oxycontin
Dec 6: US: Missing, but not forgotten
Dec 6: Jamaica: Rights group welcomes proposed changes to coroner's legislation
Dec 6: US: Medical examiner gains improvements, new office
Dec 6: US: Heroin abuse rising in young crowd
Dec 6: India: Now basmati DNA to check fakes
Dec 6: US: Michael Jackson Gives DNA Sample
Dec 6: Norway: DNA register for plants
Dec 6: Canada: Winnipeg pays $1-million over wrongful conviction
Dec 6: US: Heroin traffic finances bin Laden
Dec 6: US: Teacher Profile: Pat Quick Mount Vernon High School
Dec 6: US: LSU forensic science class lauded but future uncertain
Dec 5: Norway: Placid Norway grapples with heroin overdoses
Dec 5: Jamaica: Rights groups must take advantage of changes to Coroners Act
Dec 5: US: Richland County crime lab earns DNA accreditation
Dec 5: Canada: Mba to get $1M cheque from Winnipeg for Sophonow wrongful conv. payout
Dec 4: UK: DNA catches rapist after 15 years
Dec 4: US: New DNA tests may mean second chance on Death Row
Dec 4: Iran: Bones Suggest Women Went to War in Ancient Iran
Dec 4: US: Felon DNA collection laws upheld in narrow ruling
Dec 4: US: La. leader in database of DNA
Dec 4: US: DNA expert testifies in case of teen accused
Dec 3: US: Forensic expert sticks to his guns on time of Ammon death
Dec 3: US: Freed Missouri death row inmate sues prosecution
Dec 3: US: DNA match brings jail for rape in 2001
Dec 3: Israel: Looking inside the mind of a suicide bomber
Dec 3: Ireland: Limerick rape jury hear DNA evidence
Dec 3: South Africa: State pathologists can't keep up with work
Dec 3: UK: Months before crucial DNA breakthrough
Dec 3: US: Link between suicide and country music
Dec 3: US: Forensic Psychology class investigates contemporary issues
Dec 3: Malayasia: Doctor’s body exhumed to check for foul play
Dec 2: US: Cocaine, heroin prices low
Dec 2: US: Police testing man's DNA in BTK serial killings
Dec 2: US: DNA Evidence Questioned In Infant's Death
Dec 2: US: DNA tests yield new clues to identity of 'bike path rapist' sought since 1990
Dec 2: US: Forensic Examination To Determine Colbert's Death
Dec 2: UK: Outcry over DNA samples
Dec 2: South Africa: DNA tests to trace bear necessities
Dec 2: US: APD DNA Lab Seeking Accreditation
Dec 2: Australia: ACA trials spam buster
Dec 2: US: DNA reopens 35-year mystery
Dec 2: UK: CSI fans force chemistry on to the back burner
Dec 1: Indonesia: Did the military murder human rights activist Munir ?
Dec 1: Australia: Program being tested to identify spammers
Dec 1: UK: ID cards will not hold DNA records
Dec 1: Iraq: DNA tests show mutilated body not Irish kidnap victim
Dec 1: US: Cocaine, heroin prices at 20-year low
Dec 1: US: Evidence points to another killer, let falsely accused go
Dec 1: US: The DNA solution
Dec 1: Japan: Toshiba Develops DNA Chip Integrated
Dec 1: Micronesia: Micronesian police chiefs consider regional crime lab
Dec 1: Australia: Victims DNA was on clothes
Dec 1: New Zealand: Crime scene DNA testing moves a step closer
Dec 1: Australia: Man tells of plot message in lab trial

November, 2004

Nov 30: UK: DNA bank to catch badger killers
Nov 30: US: Funds needed to fight heroin trafficking and addiction
Nov 30: UK: Agencies target heroin addiction
Nov 30: Guam: Boon for the region: Guam and neighbors
Nov 30: US: Court hearing on DNA evidence in 1991 Yuma murder
Nov 30: Iraq: Iraqis pledge to uncover graves
Nov 30: UK: Make your identity known — or face a fine of £1,000
Nov 30: US: Study Creates Waves for Prop. 36 in California
Nov 30: UK: Moors Victim Could Have Been Stabbed in Brawl
Nov 30: US: Seventh appeal for Goodrum bond fails
Nov 30: Iran: Iranian police slice open six camels in drugs haul
Nov 30: AFGHANISTAN: Interview with UN drug agency on opium proliferation
Nov 30: India: Narcotics officials oppose opium-free poppy
Nov 30: US: A little tape might aid the cause of justice
Nov 30: US: DNA links 2 rape cases
Nov 30: US: Report on cocaine, heroin prices suggests U.S. is losing war on drugs
Nov 30: US: DNA Forensic & Paternity Laboratory Opens Facility in Phoenix, Arizona
Nov 30: UK: Magical and medicinal
Nov 30: US: DNA Evidence Shown In Mundt Murder Trial
Nov 30: US: Quiet scientist no more
Nov 30: Australia: Calls for legislative change for sexual assault
Nov 29: Australia: The law adjourns and rapists win
Nov 29: Singapore: Case of the vanishing fingerprints
Nov 29: UK: Jockey Club to freeze doping samples
Nov 29: UK: DNA bank to catch badger killers
Nov 29: Korea: Prosecution Seeks to Set Up DNA Database for Criminals
Nov 29: US: Dismissal of lawsuit against dentist upheld
Nov 28: US: Inmate gets hearing - bite-mark evidence called into question
Nov 28: US: DNA Breakthrough Links the Crime to the Time
Nov 28: Ireland: DNA may solve Kerry babies case
Nov 28: US: Police submit DNA on cases
Nov 28: US: Orange County Looks at DNA Samples Statewide Model
Nov 28: US: Students learn science of crime
Nov 28: US: Panel may weigh case
Nov 27: US: Lori Hacking Case Exhausts Law Enforcement Budget
Nov 27: UK: Cheaper, easier to get, harder to police: Britain's drug problem
Nov 27: US: Families of inmates object to fees charged for DNA database
Nov 27: Indonesia: POISON IN MID-AIR
Nov 27: US: Binion forensic evidence crucial
Nov 27: US: Rough Reception for DNA Law
Nov 27: US: Remains exhumed for DNA test
Nov 27: China: China prepares DNA data bank
Nov 27: US: Belt's DNA charged in rape cases
Nov 27: US: New DNA tests not always help in older cases
Nov 27: US: City leads nation in solving rapes, sexual assaults
Nov 27: US: Court experts must voice facts not opinions, says Attorney-General
Nov 27: UK: Price of justice
Nov 26: US: System allows trace detection of explosives and narcotics
Nov 26: US: State's DNA databank helps police solve the unsolvable
Nov 26: US: DNA lab solving decades old cases
Nov 26: Indonesia: Team to probe Munir's death proposed
Nov 26: Canada: Canadian forensics technology stars in U.S. crime drama
Nov 26: US: California's Prop 36 - Success or Failure ?
Nov 26: US: Unique Strategy Targets Drug Use
Nov 26: US: Expanded DNA testing will help catch criminals
Nov 26: US: Diverted drug offenders likely to relapse, UCLA finds
Nov 26: US: Defense will dispute slaying-case DNA
Nov 26: US: Identifying bacterial culprits
Nov 26: Australia: Prisoner died after struggle
Nov 26: Australia: Falconio case evidence may be re-examined
Nov 26: Australia: Who owns your body parts ?
Nov 26: UK: High abuse rate sparks health fears
Nov 26: UK: Young Britons take most cannabis
Nov 26: Australia: Bomb plot drugs link, court hears
Nov 25: US: Connecticut issues 1st DNA arrest warrant
Nov 25: UK: How your face could open doors
Nov 25: UK: UK 'has highest cocaine use in Europe'
Nov 25: South Africa: 'Mouse in Coke' fraudster sentenced
Nov 25: US: Trial courts could do better job of collecting fees
Nov 24: US: Tainted Heroin Found
Nov 24: US: DNA test, sought to prove innocence, confirms guilt
Nov 24: US: DNA links UK attack to rape in Richmond
Nov 24: UK: Tell the prisoners they aren’t alone
Nov 24: US: Global justice, war crimes convictions
Nov 24: US: Police claim DNA tests link man to burglary, rape of 71-year-old
Nov 24: US: Lawyer: BSU student shot from behind
Nov 24: Australia: Trio plotted to blow up police lab
Nov 24: UK: Judge calls for UK DNA database
Nov 24: Philipines: Reopening of Ninoy murder case pushed
Nov 24: US: DNA test confirms guilt of convicted rapist
Nov 24: US: New Fractal Image Technology Breaks New Ground
Nov 24: US: Forensic clock calls time on crimes
Nov 24: US: Childs murder trial continues today
Nov 24: US: DNA leads to warrant in 20-year-old sex crime case
Nov 23: US: DNA cases push forensic center to add analyzer
Nov 23: US: National Geographic takes on Hogzilla
Nov 23: UK: Robber gets 15 years after DNA advance
Nov 23: US: Long-term use of opioid prescriptions by veterans
Nov 23: Canada: Report calls for DNA collection
Nov 23: US: New Scientific Imaging Program Launched at Tri-C West
Nov 23: Canada: Take DNA samples from those arrested, anti-abuse group asks
Nov 23: US: Binion jurors focus on fingerprints
Nov 23: US: New DNA technology fingers alleged killer
Nov 23: Philippines: Philippines to carry out DNA test on skeletal remains
Nov 23: US: Students learn about scientific investigation through DNA experiment
Nov 23: US: Expert asserts stun gun's use in Pelosi case
Nov 23: US: Robber scalped by dandruff DNA test
Nov 23: US: CSI: SWR - science made fun
Nov 23: Australia: Crime rates climbing, says expert
Nov 22: Indonesia: Widow vows not to be intimidated
Nov 22: US: The SBI Lab finds clues in unlikely locations
Nov 22: US: DNA evidence gone bad
Nov 22: UK: Police warn of 'rogue batch' of heroin
Nov 22: UK: Dandruff Problem Catches Up with Payroll Robber 11 Years Later
Nov 22: Australia: Tighter DNA laws
Nov 22: US: DNA cases push forensic center to add analyzer
Nov 22: US: Roadside drug tests for drivers
Nov 22: US: Authorities: DNA Links Man To Ex-Girlfriend's Slaying
Nov 22: US: UNTHSC DNA Identity Lab Awarded More Than $1.9 Million
Nov 22: US: How trustworthy is DNA evidence in the courts ?
Nov 22: New Zealand: Police insist on fingerprinting 'criminal record' victim
Nov 22: US: Philadelphia Freedom
Nov 22: South Africa: Two more bodies found in Pretoria drain
Nov 22: Australia: Accused pleads guilty to forensic lab bomb charges
Nov 22: UK: Sex Attacker Wanted over Four Rapes in Britain
Nov 22: Australia: Secret DNA tests
Nov 21: US: Police hope face reconstructed from skull yields tips, clues
Nov 21: US: Forensic pediatrician diagnosis child abuse, helps deliver justice
Nov 21: Korea: DNA not much help in trying to identify remains from N Korea
Nov 21: US: Forensic artist gives features to 1971 bones
Nov 21: UK: Killer drugs alert
Nov 21: Iran: Experts Conduct DNA Tests on Ancient Skeletons in Tabriz
Nov 21: US: When justice isn't served
Nov 21: Japan: DNA tests may not work in abductee case
Nov 21: UK: Rape-Probe Briton Convicted of Sex Attacks in U.S.
Nov 21: Ireland: Service held to mark 1974 Birmingham bombings
Nov 21: US: DNA of retired police sought in BTK probe
Nov 21: Afghanistan: Heroin into the West ?
Nov 20: US: DNA leads to arrest of suspect in bank heist
Nov 20: US: experts ponder weight of witness testimony
Nov 20: Australia: DNA swabs in hunt for Daniel
Nov 20: US: After 20 years, DNA may have solved brutal slaying
Nov 20: US: Some facts on background checks
Nov 20: Australia: Exonerated 'snaggletooth killer' gets extreme makeover
Nov 20: US: DNA collection: Time to expand the law is now
Nov 19: India: Govt working on paper on use of technology in judicial system
Nov 19: US: Autopsy concludes student drowned
Nov 19: US: Tampa Bay's reputation for violent crime
Nov 19: UK: 'Birmingham Six' Man Speaks Out in TV Documentary
Nov 19: US: Congress is told porn addiction is similar to heroin or crack addiction
Nov 19: US: Police Identify Bones Found
Nov 19: US: Commonwealth Biotech. Acquires DNA Profiling Company
Nov 19: UK: Police Warning to Criminals over DNA Breakthrough
Nov 19: US: Reality on way to besting DNA
Nov 19: US: Court issues $20,000 judgment against expert witness
Nov 19: US: Trace amount of anything good
Nov 19: Canada: Judicial inquiry to probe wrongful conviction
Nov 19: Afghanisthan: Afghan heroin production boom
Nov 19: US: Puffer fish may help heroin addicts
Nov 19: US: Doc fined $88G for deceiving jurors
Nov 19: US: Forensic fascination
Nov 19: US: Fatal inequities
Nov 18: US: DNA ties suspect to prostitute's slaying
Nov 18: US: DNA may aid in solving '91 disappearance
Nov 18: US: Exonerated man getting a makeover on TV reality show
Nov 18: US: DNA company fires analyst
Nov 18: US: Orchid Confirms the Effectiveness of Its Quality Assurance Procedures
Nov 18: Canada: Milgaard inquiry to begin in January 2005
Nov 18: Iraq: DNA test to identify slain woman
Nov 18: US: Judge Keeps DNA Evidence In Murder Case
Nov 18: New Zealand: Mutilated corpse DNA tested for identity
Nov 18: US: DNA lab that handles high-profile LAPD, other cases fires analyst
Nov 18: US: Sheriff streamlining DNA sampling process
Nov 18: Australia: Murderer appeals over forensic 'slips'
Nov 18: US: Lab: No cases affected by faked DNA tests
Nov 18: US: DNA sleuths hope to ID a long-dead boy
Nov 18: US: Ohio House backs expansion of DNA sampling from inmates
Nov 18: Thailand: Leading forensic expert reiterates Tak Bai victims died from suffocation
Nov 18: UK: Date-rape drug tests 'unreliable'
Nov 18: US: ME describes bullet’s path
Nov 18: US: DNA lawsuit instigates an outside inquiry
Nov 17: US: Investigating History: the Jfk Assassination
Nov 17: US: Proposed bill would require DNA testing of all felons
Nov 17: US: Is The 'CSI Phenomenon' Good For Science?
Nov 17: US: Defense: Humphrey's exhumation flawed
Nov 17: US: DNA sleuths hope to ID a long-dead boy
Nov 17: Canada: Lawyer lays blame in wrongful conviction
Nov 17: Australia: Top forensic expert to solve body riddle
Nov 15: Egypt: DNA tests on Tutankhamen
Nov 15: US: Bomb Slur: FBI Underlings 'Too Scared' to Challenge Print Blunder
Nov 15: US: Critics Raise Privacy Concerns over DNA Database
Nov 15: UAE: UAE and Oman State there is $250,000,000 in Biometrics contracts
Nov 15: US: Man Whose Conviction was Overturned May Become Millionaire
Nov 15: US: City Council allocates federal grants to city's forensic lab
Nov 15: US: Police: DNA Evidence Holds Clue to Napa Killer
Nov 15: US: Psychologist Takes the Stand in Theer Murder Trial
Nov 15: India: DNA pool push to hunt for criminals
Nov 15: US: Prosecutors agree to DNA tests on 1988 evidence
Nov 15: US: Experts say Iowa's DNA database needs more funding
Nov 15: US: DNA profiles often face delays before reaching FBI database, report says
Nov 15: Australia: Bulk spammer earned $975,000 a month
Nov 15: New Zealand: DNA law gets 56 cases reopened
Nov 15: UK: Forensic science degrees queried
Nov 15: Australia: Police embrace digital fingerprints
Nov 15: UK: TV crime dramas boost forensic science courses
Nov 14: US: Tight budget helps felons in Iowa escape DNA database
Nov 14: US: Case backlog at crime lab often delays DNA tests
Nov 14: Trinidad: UWI launches Crime Studies programme
Nov 14: Indonesia: Human rights campaigner's death investigated
Nov 14: US: Cold case unit to offer rewards for unsolved cases
Nov 14: US: Trial shows how spammers operate
Nov 14: US: State plans to get DNA from felons
Nov 14: US: Man accused of killing his children appears in court
Nov 14: US: S.C. leads nation in violent crime rate
Nov 14: US: California embraces DNA fingerprinting
Nov 14: US: Another vote for life
Nov 14: US: Center helping sexually abused children
Nov 14: US: Fingerprints often provide key to crimes
Nov 14: Australia: Minister leaps to DNA defence
Nov 13: Australia: DNA mix-up a risk for innocents: report
Nov 13: US: DNA on cigarette links man to 75 killing
Nov 13: US: Harris jury will not hear DNA details
Nov 13: Canada: NF inquiry into wrongful murder convictions
Nov 13: UK: Infant deaths needs caring data sharing
Nov 13: US: Sheriff: Cause of teen's death blunt trauma
Nov 13: US: Ho-ho-homicide
Nov 13: Romania: Your worship, the porn star
Nov 13: Australia: Drink-spiking a national epidemic
Nov 12: UK: Detective denies forensic 'cover-up'
Nov 12: UK: Fingerprints Pioneer Finally Honoured
Nov 12: South Africa: Spiking drinks will be illegal
Nov 12: Canada: DNA database links three sexual assaults
Nov 12: US: Lab errors alter views of DNA
Nov 12: New Zealand: New technique to get fingerprints in murder inquiry
Nov 11: US: Forensic anthropologist unearthing Feast crime
Nov 11: US: How TV shows depict lawyers and legal process
Nov 11: US: Orchid Helps NYPD Biotracks Program
Nov 11: US: Judge allows 'confession'
Nov 11: US: Doctors describe gruesome slaying wounds
Nov 11: US: Victims Challenge Police Use of Controversial ‘DNA Dragnets’
Nov 10: Australia: Murder review to look overseas
Nov 9: New Zealand: Man sacked for refusing to give employer his fingerprints
Nov 9: US: Inmate freed from prison after DNA evidence clears him in killing
Nov 9: US: Brainbox Prodn. & Court TV Announce World Premiere of Investigators
Nov 9: US: DNA links Johnston suspect
Nov 9: Russia: Bodies sent to forensic lab in Karachai-Cherkessia murder probe
Nov 9: US: State Lends Strong Hand to Crime-Fighting With DNA
Nov 9: UK: New DNA lead in Nickell murder
Nov 9: US: Oak Brook Terrace police use DNA to reopen 1979 murder case
Nov 9: US: Ex-Northampton man denied DNA hearing
Nov 9: US: Jackson sentencing is set for February
Nov 9: Canada: SUV driven 'aggressively' before crash
Nov 8: US: Defense trying to convince jury Binion died of drug overdose
Nov 8: US: Forensic science enrollment increases, follows trend
Nov 8: US: Dental Records Confirm Identity of Body
Nov 8: US: DNA test may close 1996 killing
Nov 8: US: Californians Pass DNA and Public Records Propositions
Nov 8: UK: Have your say in the great DNA debate
Nov 8: US: Crimefighters fight backlog
Nov 8: US: Looking for trends in drug deaths
Nov 8: US: Cogent Systems Announces Activation of AFIS System
Nov 8: US: Justice is running late
Nov 8: Norway: Criminals escape because of unregistered fingerprints
Nov 8: Australia: Forensic experts to review Perth serial killer case
Nov 8: Australia: Greedy young men help fraud survive
Nov 8: Australia: Most fraud an inside job: survey
Nov 7: US: This witness gives 'shocking' testimony
Nov 7: US: Independent crime labs could help stop forensic fraud
Nov 7: US: Why Kurtis changed mind on executions
Nov 7: US: Forensic delay should be remedied
Nov 7: Bosnia: Bosnian mass grave work complete
Nov 7: US: Law enforcement prepping for DNA swabs
Nov 7: US: In striking 'Body Parts,' mortality is made flesh
Nov 7: UK: Britain losing war on Afghan heroin
Nov 6: US: Exonerated N.C. Man Starts Foundation
Nov 6: US: Canine cops show their chops
Nov 6: US: Heroin, Cocaine and Española, New Mexico
Nov 6: US: Home DNA kits offered
Nov 6: US: New Fractal Image Technology Breaks New Ground In Forensic Image Enhancement
Nov 6: Bosnia: Mass grave discovered in western Bosnia
Nov 6: US: 'Cold hit' DNA check links convict to rape spree
Nov 6: US: Dr. Grosso Now Serves As Consultant With Consumers and Attorneys
Nov 6: US: Forum helps forensic studies gaining interest
Nov 6: US: Officials confirm skeleton is '93 murder victim
Nov 6: US: Expanding Criminal DNA Databases
Nov 5: US: After 20 years behind bars, man freed from wrongful imprisonment
Nov 5: Japan: DNA investigations
Nov 5: US: Forensic Specialists Meet in the Valley
Nov 5: US: LSU hosting forensic workshop for teachers
Nov 5: US: Guidance Software Mourns Loss of Special Agent Timothy Fidel
Nov 5: US: Exercise in Forensics at UNF
Nov 5: US: Police announce high-tech criminal tracking system
Nov 5: Bosnia: More Than 450 Bodies Excavated from Bosnia Mass Grave
Nov 5: Ireland: Omagh DNA delay: Garda not to blame
Nov 5: US: Legislature must extend DNA law
Nov 5: US: DNA initiative opponents to sue against data expansion
Nov 5: US: Adams County coroner still waiting on more results
Nov 5: US: DNA, cell phone link Foster to scene of shooting death, arson
Nov 5: UK: DNA tests identify body remains
Nov 5: US: Forensic team looks for signs of missing woman
Nov 5: US: Prosecution Rests in Binion Murder Retrial
Nov 5: US: Woods guilty of child abuse
Nov 5: US: Opponents of voter-approved California DNA initiative will sue to block it
Nov 4: US: Calif. DNA Initiative Opponents to Sue
Nov 4: Ireland: Govt. Delayed 15 Months on Omagh Bombing DNA Samples
Nov 4: UK: Crime scene DNA puts names in the frame
Nov 4: UK: Murder 'link to Shankill Butchers'
Nov 4: US: Forensic results in murder case expected soon
Nov 4: US: Renowned forensic psychiatrist Lawrence Z. Freedman, 1919-2004
Nov 4: US: Forensic psychiatrist serves as liaison between psychiatry and the law
Nov 4: US: Human Corpse to Be Shown Rotting on TV
Nov 4: Ireland: Possible Butchers link to murder
Nov 4: US: Unproven forensic techniques sway courts, erode justice
Nov 4: Sweden: Swedish prisons "full of psychopaths"
Nov 4: US: Shurtleff plans DNA-based Cold Case Task Force
Nov 4: Greece: Fewer drug hauls, related deaths
Nov 4: Canada: Sex criminals reoffend 90 per cent of time, study finds
Nov 4: South Africa: White collar crime costs economy more than R40-billion
Nov 4: UK: TV viewers to see corpse as it decays
Nov 4: Australia: Case delays anger judge
Nov 4: UK: DNA test may name names
Nov 4: Canada: MP supports minister’s choice: Steven Truscott
Nov 4: New Zealand: Be wary of how they put the finger on us
Nov 4: US: Proposal to expand DNA database on criminals headed for approval
Nov 3: UK: Manager invented robbery, jury told
Nov 3: US: Testimony on bite marks prone to error
Nov 3: UK: Millionth DNA Sample Added to Database
Nov 3: US: DNA testing law expires Dec. 31
Nov 3: Canada: Fingerprints fail to confirm Canadian killed in Chechnya
Nov 3: US: Prosecution Presents Forensic Evidence
Nov 2: South Africa: Heroin has 15 000 hooked in CT
Nov 2: Canada: National Conference on Illicit Marihuana Grow Operations
Nov 2: Canada: National DNA Data Bank of Canada 2003-2004 Annual Report
Nov 2: UK: Swiss Army slasher trapped by own DNA
Nov 2: US: Voters pick propositions on gambling, three-strikes, primaries
Nov 2: Pakisthan: Steps on to block 400 tonnes of Afghan narcotics
Nov 2: US: Orchid Positioned to Provide Increased DNA Testing
Nov 2: South Africa: Shaik trial: forensic expert sticks to his guns
Nov 2: Taiwan: New drug opens door for heroin addicts
Nov 2: US: The Claim: Identical Twins Have Identical Fingerprints
Nov 2: New Zealand: More drugs head to city
Nov 2: UK: 'Snapshots from hell' images aimed at addicts
Nov 2: Thailand: Drug charge Briton sentenced to death
Nov 2: Sri Lanka: Prosecution permitted to add forensic expert to witness list
Nov 1: US: Evidence, errors likely focus of lawyers
Nov 1: US: State Marijuana Crop Nearly Eradicated
Nov 1: Israel: DNA test proves innocence of man convicted of 1991 rape
Nov 1: Austria: DNA Tests to Performed on Mozart Skull
Nov 1: Australia: Human skeleton for sale at market
Nov 1: US: DNA helping police get leads in unsolved cases
Nov 1: US: DNA links crime to woman with alibi
Nov 1: US: Missouri's backlog on fingerprint checks continues
Nov 1: US: Forensic anthropologist unearthing Feast crime
Nov 1: US: Forensic breakdown of evidence hurts U.S
Nov 1: US: Discarding justice

October, 2004

Oct 31: US: An illogical view of DNA results
Oct 31: US: CSI inspiring new breed of forensic investigators
Oct 31: US: Prop. 69 raises debate over DNA
Oct 31: US: Bloodstains gave details of a brutal murder
Oct 31: Afghanistan: Opium flood overwhelms Afghanistan
Oct 30: US: Att. general's office says police did not frame Kevin Cooper
Oct 30: US: DNA Tests Free Calif. Man After 10 Years
Oct 30: US: The future of DNA
Oct 29: US: Nat. Elections Council (CNE) in US$20 million contract
Oct 29: US: DNA evidence unclear about whether Jackson touched gun
Oct 29: US: Props 66 & 69 (Three Strikes & DNA)
Oct 29: Canada: The growing need for police canine units
Oct 29: US: Deer DNA leads to murder charge in cold case
Oct 29: UK: Child organ 'thefts' plea to Holyrood
Oct 29: Canada: Truscott case bounced back to appeals court
Oct 29: US: Police specially bag and treat this evidence
Oct 29: US: Judge allows DNA tests in slayings
Oct 29: US: Animal DNA evidence stands up in court
Oct 28: US: Drug Trade Booms in Afghanistan
Oct 28: US: Jurors see video of casino heir's home made by woman accused of killing him
Oct 28: Israel: Justice Ministry to consider national DNA database
Oct 28: Canada: Miscarriage of Justice Likely Occured in Truscott Case
Oct 28: US: State DNA lab marks 1,000th 'cold hit'
Oct 28: Canada: Fingerprints to prove ID of man killed in Chechnya
Oct 28: US: Remains identified as a female
Oct 28: US: Nastech Updates Program for Oral Abuse-Resistant Opioids
Oct 28: US: DNA Database Catches Criminals, Say Top Cops
Oct 28: US: Doctor testifies that Las Vegas casino executive was murdered
Oct 28: UK: Top forensic expert takes up position at Scottish university
Oct 28: UK: Warning over 'dirty' heroin after outbreak of botulism
Oct 27: Canada: Truscott's fate in Cotler's hands
Oct 27: UK: Thames Valley, U.K., Police Selects Provider of Forensic DNA Testing
Oct 27: US: Acadia sheriff elected to new panel post
Oct 27: UK: Mozart's dead kin to undergo DNA tests
Oct 27: US: Fingerprint evidence not good science, scholar says
Oct 27: US: O'dell Owens for county coroner
Oct 27: US: Serial Rapist Identified Through DNA Databank
Oct 27: US: Lost bodies, broken promises
Oct 27: US: Crime lab plans to look into unsolved homicides with new grant money
Oct 27: US: DNA lab worries are not enough to spare Green
Oct 27: US: Forensic Pathologist Testifies for Binion Prosecution
Oct 27: UK: DNA testing kit leads to conviction and £300 fine
Oct 27: Australia: Legal aid service critical of forensic delays
Oct 27: US: Scientists discover 'mystery products' used to preserve mummies
Oct 26: US: Smoking affects same 'feel good' brain chemical system as heroin
Oct 26: India: Fingerprint data stolen from forensic lab
Oct 26: UK: DNA kit traces race hate teenager
Oct 26: US: Calif. Could Mandate DNA Samples from Felons
Oct 26: US: Prop. 69 would widen DNA database
Oct 26: US: CSI: Tulare County
Oct 26: US: FBI: Crime rate continues to fall
Oct 26: US: Suit seeks to have DNA taken during serial killer hunt destroyed
Oct 26: US: URI Forensic seminar to feature Textiles Analysis and Forensics
Oct 26: US: Suit seeks to have DNA taken during serial killer hunt destroyed
Oct 26: UK: Orchid Selected by U.K. Thames Valley Police to Provide Forensic DNA Testing
Oct 26: Australia: Horse trainer fined over banned substance
Oct 26: US: Alleged 'Long Beach Freeway rapist' pleads not guilty
Oct 25: US: Two good choices
Oct 25: US: Computer hardware stolen from Directorate of Forensic Science
Oct 25: Bosnia: Sixty Srebrenica Victims Found in Bosnia Mass Grave
Oct 25: US: Steroids more lucrative than narcotics, says WADA
Oct 25: US: Police look for volunteers to help solve old homicide cases
Oct 25: US: New police database links crimes
Oct 25: Canada: Truscott awaits judgment day
Oct 25: US: Book tells full story of a man's wrongful death-row conviction
Oct 24: US: OSP forensic scientist talks Tuesday about the ‘Real CSI’
Oct 24: US: DNA evidence links L.A. inmate
Oct 24: US: Bioterrorism attack response expensive
Oct 24: Australia: $1.5 million medical centre to 'clean up' Redfern
Oct 23: US: NH Chief Forensic Examiner Suspended
Oct 23: US: Fatal heroin overdoses on the rise in Austin
Oct 23: US: Lack of training cited in report on flawed Boston fingerprinting unit
Oct 23: US: OSP: Remains are those of young man
Oct 23: US: DNA database focus of Prop. 69
Oct 23: US: Serial killer asks his jury for death
Oct 22: US: Investigators learn more about skeletal remains
Oct 22: South Africa: R1.5m X-Ray Machine Wanted
Oct 22: US: ‘CSI’ gone wild: Forensic scientists gather in Ashland
Oct 22: US: Peterson's defense slips in fetus testimony
Oct 22: US: State can’t determine cause of unidentified man’s death
Oct 22: Canada: Truscott wants to hear 'sorry'
Oct 22: US: Finding Islamic radicals key to fighting terror
Oct 22: UK: Life for killer trapped by chance DNA test
Oct 21: US: Avery wants $1 million in lost wages
Oct 21: India: Veerappan's identity confirmed through ear study: Expert
Oct 21: US: Single nucleotide polymorphisms and forensic genetics
Oct 21: US: Computer task force faces backlog, limited resources
Oct 21: US: Forensic anthropologist identifies new pursuit
Oct 21: US: Fight crime with DNA
Oct 21: UK: 10% of biometric passports failing
Oct 21: Australia: Amnesty joins fight to save drug trafficker's life
Oct 21: New Zealand: P testing capacity extraordinary
Oct 21: US: Expert: Bullet hit two men
Oct 21: US: Prosecution closes case with DNA
Oct 21: US: Judge OKs convicted murderer’s DNA test request
Oct 21: US: Initiative utilizes DNA to fight crime
Oct 21: India: Veerappan's identity confirmed
Oct 20: US: NYPD to destroy hundreds of fingerprints
Oct 20: India: No petro product found on Best Bakery samples: forensic expert
Oct 20: US: Jacksonville police say DNA links inmate to 1996 murder
Oct 20: US: Privacy rights at center of DNA measure debate
Oct 20: Canada: Decision expected on new trial for Steven Truscott
Oct 20: US: Residents pleased with DNA funding boost
Oct 20: US: DNA database is bad for California
Oct 20: US: Avery to file $1 million claim against state
Oct 20: China: Business buzz: Worth noting
Oct 20: US: No Medical Examiner
Oct 20: US: Cops' mailing of fingerprints a no-no
Oct 20: US: Felon DNA Initiative Slated for Ballot
Oct 20: US: US weighs role in heroin war in Afghanistan
Oct 19: India: Expert suggests DNA profiling to confirm Veerappan's identity
Oct 19: US: Clandestine drug lab reveals first appearance of designer drug '2CB' in state
Oct 19: US: New DNA testing delays trial
Oct 19: Albania: Albania Holds Landmark Conference on Narcotics Trafficking
Oct 19: Australia: Bushfire coroner dismisses disqualification move
Oct 19: Canada: Do more with DNA: Fantino
Oct 19: Canada: OPP PERT unit: 'the best of the best'
Oct 19: US: Printer 'fingerprints' to collar counterfeiters
Oct 19: Russia: New Drugs Used by Beslan Terrorists Puzzle Russian Experts
Oct 19: US: County receives domestic violence aid
Oct 19: Singapore: Amnesty Challenges Singapore on Executions
Oct 19: US: Accused Serial Killer Faces Murder Charges
Oct 18: Ghana: Security Agencies undergo training in narcotics control
Oct 18: US: Forensic Psychiatrist Creates Kid's Game to Help with Life Issues
Oct 18: UK: 'Burglar' in fingerprint appeal
Oct 18: US: Inmates Ask For DNA Testing
Oct 18: US: Police still waiting for DNA tests in Nampa slayings
Oct 18: US: Franek Technologies Protects Forensic Laboratories
Oct 18: US: Duquesne University hosts terrorism symposium
Oct 18: Afghanisthan: Drug alert as Afghan opium crop soars by 35%
Oct 18: Russia: Beslan terrorists were addicted to heroin, morphine and other softer drugs
Oct 18: Australia: Mayor accused of 'semi-legalising' heroin
Oct 18: US: OxyContin: a deadly new street drug
Oct 18: US: Forensic science club presents opportunity to expand interest
Oct 18: US: Forensic experts track printer fingerprints
Oct 18: US: Don't ignore larger issue
Oct 17: US: Wrongly imprisoned deserve much more than bus fare
Oct 17: US: Brochu trial resting on DNA analysis
Oct 17: US: Group wants to conduct DNA tests in 1988 killing
Oct 17: US: DNA Kits for Kids
Oct 17: US: Today’s hot college major: Crime lab geek
Oct 17: US: Evidence stockpiles yield DNA that nails criminals
Oct 17: US: Measure proposes DNA database
Oct 17: US: The wrong man? The Viola Manville murder case may reopen
Oct 17: US: GM helps police slash DNA backlog
Oct 17: US: Nampa case hinges on DNA
Oct 17: UK: Yes on Prop. 69 for a safer state
Oct 17: UK: TV crime shows spark boom in ‘duff’ university forensic courses
Oct 16: Argentina: DNA tests for city's police
Oct 16: US: Calling all DNA
Oct 16: US: DNA evidence solves 2002 burglary
Oct 16: UK: Modern technology may finally solve the mystery of aristocrat’s disappearance
Oct 16: US: Forensic pathologist questions attorney's statement in legal filing
Oct 16: US: Houston police sketch artist among few nationwide
Oct 16: US: Houston police sketch artist among few nationwide
Oct 16: US: Forensic Science Series in the Chicago Tribune
Oct 16: US: Alleged cop-killer’s DNA found on rifle
Oct 16: UK: Heroin kits on demand for Scots prisoners
Oct 16: US: Judge limits Hudson’s access to DNA samples
Oct 16: UK: Woman's DNA found on UVF cards
Oct 16: Philipines: Shabu chemicals worth P1.8 billion burned in Cebu
Oct 15: Canada: Procurement Fraud A Hot Topic at Forensic Accounting Conference
Oct 15: Canada: Ottawa proposes databank of sex offender DNA
Oct 15: US: New DNA Tests Show Man May Be Innocent Of Rape In Murder Case
Oct 15: US: Top cop questions Prop. 69
Oct 15: US: Attorney Seeks to Free Utah Man on DNA
Oct 15: US: Accused cop killer's DNA on gun, authorities say
Oct 15: US: Forensic experts track printer fingerprints
Oct 15: UK: The future face of identity checking
Oct 15: Malta: Malta has high rate of heroin users
Oct 15: US: DNA solves '68 slaying; killer gets third life term
Oct 15: US: Brochu trial turns to tale of the tapes
Oct 15: US: State: DNA should free inmate
Oct 15: US: DNA Evidence Could Set a Convicted Man Free
Oct 15: Australia: Remains were missing woman
Oct 15: India: Lalu orders fresh probe into Godhra carnage
Oct 15: US: La. Jury Recommends Death for Murderer
Oct 15: US: DNA Evidence Could Overturn Rape Conviction In Utah
Oct 15: New Zealand: Police doing forensic tests on missing woman's car
Oct 14: US: State's top cop questions details of DNA initiative he supports
Oct 14: Pakisthan: Investigation slowed by lack of expertise in Lahore Police
Oct 14: US: Police shutter print unit
Oct 14: US: DNA Could Clear Prison Convict After 19 Years
Oct 14: US: Forensics program receives $500K
Oct 14: US: Army pathologist concedes errors in prisoner-abuse case
Oct 14: US: Heroin-related deaths on the increase in Austin
Oct 14: US: Utah AG wants murder conviction tossed after DNA evidence surfaces
Oct 14: US: DNA testing in 35-year-old case leads to third life sentence
Oct 14: US: Tests show absence of convict's DNA
Oct 14: US: Battle over DNA rages in Stratton murder trial
Oct 14: US: Deciphering DNA proposition no easy task
Oct 14: US: Gilbert murder case to air on TV again
Oct 14: US: Terror powers biometric boom
Oct 14: Iraq: Forensic experts carry out first full exhumation of Iraq mass grave
Oct 14: New Zealand: DNA liaison officer to handle rise in samples
Oct 13: US: Computer printer 'fingerprints' created
Oct 13: US: TV network plans show on 1998 Fremont bomb spree
Oct 13: US: Enrollment increases in criminal justice, criminology programs
Oct 13: US: Brochu jury hears DNA data
Oct 13: US: La. Serial Killings Suspect Found Guilty
Oct 13: US: Suit filed over wrongful conviction
Oct 13: US: Wrongly convicted walk away with scars
Oct 13: Australia : Mafia gangs at work in Australia
Oct 13: UK: Police search for DNA clues in hunt for bodysnatchers
Oct 13: US: Miami prosecutor: Strong case against Maine woman in '76 slaying
Oct 13: UN: Experts gather for UN meeting to tackle flow of heroin from Afghanistan
Oct 13: Australia: Honours for Taree crime scene officers
Oct 13: US: DNA clears man of rape after 19 years
Oct 12: UK: Musician Raped Woman 25 Years Ago
Oct 12: US: DNA could solve 'cold cases' at National Institute of Justice
Oct 12: US: Remains of 2 found at suspected mob burial ground
Oct 12: US: Backlogged DNA tests keep hopes on ice
Oct 12: US: Murder case may hinge on forensic evidence
Oct 12: US: Americans pay for unethical medical expert witnesses
Oct 12: US: BINION MURDER TRIAL: Defense: Tabish will testify
Oct 12: US: PROP. 69 Safe and efficient tool to solve and prevent crime
Oct 12: UN: Experts gather for UN meeting to tackle flow of heroin from Afghanistan
Oct 11: Malta: Forensic experts accept to work at national laboratory
Oct 11: South Africa: DNA test fails to identify Zulu rebel prince
Oct 11: US: Expert: DNA from bodies Lee's
Oct 11: Turkey: Forensic Medicine Restructured
Oct 11: South Arica: Alleged cannibal dies of cardiac arrest
Oct 11: US: National Center for Victims of Crime, RAINN and Lifetime Television
Oct 11: Dominican Republic : Testers denied Columbus bones
Oct 11: US: Man wrongly convicted of rape freed after DNA tests
Oct 11: US: Congress Passes New DNA Testing Bill
Oct 11: US: Man wrongly convicted of rape freed after DNA tests
Oct 10: US: Detective seeks justice in 1974 church slaying
Oct 10: US: Expert: Victims tried to fight off their attacker
Oct 10: Australia: Committee to audit DNA research data
Oct 10: Australia: Foolproof security in blink of an eye
Oct 10: South Africa: 'Robin Hood': No DNA proof
Oct 10: US: DNA Crime Bill Headed to Bush for His Signature
Oct 10: US: Scandal grows over false and hidden evidence
Oct 10: Israel: Sinai rescue operation ends with all 12 Israeli victims identified
Oct 10: US: Dogs discover badly decomposed child's head
Oct 10: US: Detective seeks justice in 1974 church slaying
Oct 9: US: Man to sue over wrongful conviction
Oct 9: UK: New facility gives students access to scene of crime
Oct 9: US: DNA helps police solve 1994 killing
Oct 9: US: Expert: Blood DNA on towel Todd's
Oct 9: US: Samples of DNA from Maine databank sought in Dechaine murder case
Oct 9: US: More DNA collections advocated
Oct 9: US: Report: Drug evidence piling up at state forensic labs
Oct 9: India: Govt to recruit experts in computers, genetics to curb crime
Oct 9: US: Congress Approves DNA Testing Bill
Oct 9: Israel: Egyptians Looting Dead Bodies
Oct 9: US: State DNA analyst admits pay theft
Oct 8: US: Avery's attorneys ready to file federal lawsuit
Oct 8: India: Use of science in aid of criminal investigation-II
Oct 8: US: Largent thought he hit a deer
Oct 8: US: Prosecution Rests in Scott Peterson Murder Trial, Laci's Body Discussed
Oct 8: US: Theft charge could raise questions on DNA analysis
Oct 8: New Zealand: Police Denial Ducks DNA Issue
Oct 8: Malta: Court processes stall as Forensic Lab operations at a standstill
Oct 8: US: Handwriting analysis expert will share information at free seminar
Oct 8: US: DNA database check leads to arrest of West Palm suspect in 2003 murder
Oct 8: US: S.D. Supreme Court upholds Moeller death sentence
Oct 8: US: New autopsy evidence insufficient to exonerate mom
Oct 8: Jamiaca: British pathologist says August Town two were murdered
Oct 7: US: Man sentenced to life after DNA evidence leads to murder charge
Oct 7: US: Fibers lifted from vehicle
Oct 7: US: Prosecutor Links Another Murder Victim To Lee
Oct 7: US: Lawyer says DNA found on dress in Angelil extortion case
Oct 7: Philipines: TOWNS 2004 honors forensic expert.
Oct 7: US: LA judge dismisses murder charge due to expert witnesses' errors
Oct 7: US: Fulfilling the promise
Oct 7: Canada: Police find DNA evidence for 30 victims on pig farm
Oct 7: US: Lab tech recalls day Lee’s DNA profile appeared
Oct 6: US: House Passes DNA Testing Bill
Oct 6: US: Dog handler sentenced to prison
Oct 6: US: Pathologist: Victim was stabbed, cut 80 times
Oct 6: US: Authorities step up date-rape investigations
Oct 6: US: Starkweather trial on hold
Oct 6: Spain: DNA Suggests Columbus Remains in Spain
Oct 6: US: Helping Investigators Gather Crime Evidence From PDAs
Oct 6: US: New PC and Xbox CSI titles due in November
Oct 6: US: Heroin-related deaths in Austin rise
Oct 6: US: State DNA database needs more funding
Oct 6: Trinidad: Criminologist wants marital sex in prison
Oct 6: Afghanisthan: Afghans try to curb drugs trade
Oct 6: US: La. Jury Hears About Serial Killings DNA
Oct 5: US: Biometric Lab now ready at the Naval Academy
Oct 5: Canada: Federal scientists produce DNA evidence of cougars in Maritime woods
Oct 5: US: A DNA plan that goes too far
Oct 5: Australia: Police given extra $1m to track Net pedophiles
Oct 5: US: Jury hears testimony of DNA evidence in Derrick Todd Lee case
Oct 5: US: Tenn. Man wrongly imprisoned gets $800,000
Oct 5: US: Governor refuses to halt executions
Oct 5: Jamaica: Forensic expert to observe Sewell autopsy
Oct 5: India: Forensic science programme at Amity
Oct 5: US: Crime lab backlog delays drug cases
Oct 5: US: DNA Profiling Helps Solve 22-year-old Murder Case
Oct 5: US: Lawyers Wrap Up Trial of Martha Stewart Ink Expert
Oct 4: US: Pulling criminal evidence from PDAs
Oct 4: US: N.H. Crime Lab Gets Accreditation
Oct 4: US: DNA links corpse to prostitute killings
Oct 4: US: Program trains cybercrime fighters
Oct 4: US: Forensic dentist discusses crime victim identification
Oct 4: US: A Virginia step toward freeing the innocent
Oct 4: UK: Murdered officer's uniform tested for DNA
Oct 4: US: Illegal methadone distribution is increasing worry
Oct 4: Kenya: Body of Samburu rape girl exhumed for DNA testing
Oct 4: US: Trial in 1987 slaying to focus on felon's DNA
Oct 3: US: Opening statements to begin Monday in serial killings case
Oct 3: Canada: Missing Children's Network fingerprints kids
Oct 3: UK: DNA test for Blakelock's uniform
Oct 3: Canada: Shock subsided, pain remains
Oct 3: Spain: Search for Columbus
Oct 3: Taiwan: Silence in court: forensic science on trial
Oct 2: US: Our View: Keep standards high for DNA collection
Oct 2: Kenya: Girl exhumed in Army rape allegation
Oct 2: Canada: Mother's anguish won't fade
Oct 2: US: Closed DNA Lab Casts Doubts Over Executions
Oct 2: US: More Money For Mansfield Forensic Lab
Oct 2: US: List of terror threat databases
Oct 2: India: Seven bombs detonated by NSG, FSL
Oct 1: US: DNA points to Starkweather
Oct 1: US: Helping investigators gather crime evidence from PDAs
Oct 1: US: Virginia Governor Agrees to DNA Testing of Old Evidence
Oct 1: US: DNA Testing May Curb Illegal Ivory Trade
Oct 1: South Africa: Police suspect foul play in child killing
Oct 1: US: Jury barred amid debate over X-rays
Oct 1: US: DNA links inmate to 1980 student slayings
Oct 1: US: Both victim and defendant's DNA on Harvard student's knife
Oct 1: US: Sheriff's office to begin DNA testing
Oct 1: Malta: Forensic Year 2004 - 2005 inaugurated
Oct 1: US: State Patrol's DNA Lab Accredited
Oct 1: Canada: Gang-related killings show dramatic increase
Oct 1: Canada: Fetal alcohol syndrome leads to violent crime
Oct 1: US: Jurors get education on bay tides and currents
Oct 1: Canada: Trail to Christine's killer 20 years old and cold
Oct 1: US: Governor asks forensics lab to test random DNA samples
Oct 1: US: Jury weighs evidence in Kodak case
Oct 1: US: DA says inmate should be freed
Oct 1: US: DNA database leads to new charge in 1990 Lenexa rape case
Oct 1: US: Limited tests of Va.'s DNA files ordered
Oct 1: US: Trial Lawyers ask Warner to order DNA samples preserved, catalogued, tested
Oct 1: US: Houston Police Chief Calls for Halt to Executions

September, 2004

Sept 30: US: Group wants all crime DNA tested
Sept 30: India: Prof Fimate honored with Kitasato medal
Sept 29: Canada: Murder Rate Fell to Lowest in Three Decades in 2003
Sept 29: US: Police turn forensic skills on handhelds
Sept 29: US: Digital Recorders, Inc. Announces Advanced Training Classes
Sept 29: US: Federal grant helps forensic scientists make way through DNA backlog
Sept 29: US: Prop. 69 fights crime
Sept 29: US: In exoneration effort, DNA evidence is missing
Sept 29: US: Cape man's DNA was found in murder victim's vehicle
Sept 29: Australia: No trace of accused's DNA at death site
Sept 28: Turkey: 19 Countries Gather for Anti-Narcotics Meeting in Turkey
Sept 28: India: 200 personnel on op Destroy Cannabis
Sept 28: US: Forensics gains credibility at Purdue
Sept 28: Australia: Secrets of morphine-free poppy
Sept 28: US: American College of Forensic Examiners to Develop Online Curriculum
Sept 28: US: DigitalNet knows you
Sept 28: US: DNA Map to Help Combat Ivory Poaching
Sept 28: US: Forensic pathologist writes about those who have seen the light
Sept 28: Thailand: Thai police claim largest heroin seizure this year
Sept 28: US: Study shatters deportee 'myth'
Sept 28: US: Letters: Expanding DNA Testing
Sept 27: US: Meth lab investigation makes explosive find
Sept 27: US: Bones Identified As Missing Anniston Man
Sept 27: US: ATF Appoints Executive To Head Science and Technology
Sept 27: France: Acquitted paedophile trial defendants given official apology
Sept 27: Sri Lanka: 97% of heroin entering Sri Lanka comes from India
Sept 27: US: In our view: UVSC and the science of solving crime
Sept 27: Canada: Protecting due process
Sept 27: Canada: It's a career to die for
Sept 27: US: Drug overdose deaths increasing in Allegheny County
Sept 26: US: DNA lab oversight requires scientists
Sept 26: US: Will Massachusetts court allow expert to be sued?
Sept 26: Pakisthan: Canadian HC encourages anti-drug trade efforts
Sept 26: Australia: Number of fraud cases on the rise
Sept 26: US: Forsyth law-enforcement agencies at odds over lineup
Sept 26: Afghanisthan: Without opium, Afghan farmers see little hope of living
Sept 25: Malta: Forensic Lab and Malta National Lab are two separate entities
Sept 25: US: DNA tamperer given no jail time
Sept 25: US: Counties receive grants for DNA processing
Sept 25: Canada: Fighting crime in a lab
Sept 25: US: Technology must be used to ensure justice is served
Sept 25: UK: Man jailed for making up DNA test results
Sept 25: Australia: Morphine free Mutant Poppies
Sept 25: US: NDSU gets grant for DNA crime lab
Sept 25: US: Michigan Receives $3.5 Million In DNA Grants From Justice Department
Sept 25: US: Mesa firm has evidence of its success
Sept 24: Afghanisthan: More Afghan land used for drug crops, U.S. official says
Sept 24: US: Grant to speed DNA testing of evidence in old crimes
Sept 24: Bosnia: Mass Grave Yields 182 Bodies, More Expected
Sept 24: Malta: MLP calls for inquiry into Forensic Lab issue
Sept 24: Cambodia: Cambodia funnels drugs to Australia